February 18, 2019

Brand Modi pe Charcha

A lot of credit was given to Shri. Prashant Kishor for Shri Modi victory in 2014 general elections and for Shri Nitish Kumar victory in Bihar state.

Let us examine the factors responsible for these victories.

Anti Modi Media played a key role in educating the masses about NaMO. Though their content was already anti Modi but it helped the middle class Hindu votes stand up for the pride of the nation.

Anna Hazare Jan Lokpal bill played a major role in uniting all four parts of India. Never in my life have I seen citizens from across India standing togather. The divide seen earlier between north and south India was broken. Everyone was fasting Pan India for a common cause.

Congress anti Modi stand crossed the limits when they started openly appeasing minorities. What started in early 2010 as a small platform to share facts and figures became a major platform to showcase the point of view TWITTER.

The first two tenure of NaMo in gujrat as CM were good enough for him to become CM for the third successive time. This was not hype, this was reality.

Brand Modi was already established so what did Prashant Kishor do? To my understanding he created a formal mechanism to transmit all achievements.

A brand needs to be created from the scratch. BIG IDEA as we call in our industry of advertising and marketing has to be identified. And marketing communication is created to share the value proposition of the product or service.

Some brands need to be advertised day in day out to create market share and penetration. While some brands are big and customers wait for their arrival in their country and territory. Brand Modi was available in Gujrat. Rest of India wanted benefits of brand Modi and he was bound to become the PM. If this was not the case then BJP and RSS would not have allowed his name to be nominated for PM. Brand Modi was already established so what did Prashant Kishor do?

The very fact that citizens knew the benefits of having NaMo as PM there was no need to tell the potential customers (citizens) what was the benefit of voting for NaMo. Brand Modi was already established so what did Prashant Kishor do?

A brand at times could be of use to only retail or only corporate/institution customers. NaMo was a case where both looked forward to have him as PM. Brand Modi was already established so what did Prashant Kishor do?

Brand Modi is known for trust, transparency and patience.

He proved all the three in Gujrat as Chief Minister.

Trust: Winning three times because of the deliverable.

Transparency: Corruption free governance and zero appeasement

Patience: He allowed legal cases against him to progress without any hurdles.

Bihar was a loss and there can’t be any explanation or justification. A loss is a loss. There is victory for NaMo in this loss. The customers are experiencing the bad service (loot, kidnapping, etc) and there is no service centre unfortunately for them. Nearest service centre are only courts and next Bihar state election. But the on ground news of Biharis will certain help the voters in UP. Add experience of voters of Delhi and NaMo has ready to share content.

He would prefer loosing small battles and winning the bigger ones. He is the last person to take credit and the first person to give credit. Brand Modi was already established so what did Prashant Kishor do?

BIG IDEA of the Brand Modi Congress Mukt Bharat came as a connecting point for all citizens. Anyone who had heard and read about scams and appeasement wanted to be part of the Congress Mukt Bharat campaign.

NaMo is self educated by experience and his USP is his proactive approach. Recall his public speeches. His focus used to be on creating your voter id. His speeches were focused on solutions in a region. His speeches were focused on giving identity to an individual as an Indian……….. Brand Modi was already established so what did Prashant Kishor do?

A strong brand doesn’t need marketing. If this was the case Unilever would not have got nightmares from Patanjali. Patanjali started and continues to be a brand of the Indians and by the Indians at lesser price and far more value. Unilever is a giant and still can create huge inroads. But if they compete with Patanjali then losses are written on wall because you can have best media planning and best of the budgets backed up by excellent PR machinery, you can’t create unlimited budget to fight Nationalist feelings. They have to create a new niche.

Same goes for brand NaMo. Temporary success by team Prashant Kishor along with anti Modi media here and there can be celebrated but in the long run he doesn’t need anyone.

With due regards to Shri Prashant Kishor I am never convinced about the credit given to him for NaMo’s victory. If at all anyone deserves credit it is millions of ordinary citizens of India and across the globe who knew that NaMo is the only person fit to become PM.

Picture Credit: Zee News – India


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