April 24, 2019

Brazen lies of Rahul Gandhi

Brazen Lies of Rahul Gandhi -Fact based Rebuttal

Rahul Gandhi of late has been blabbering a lot of nonsense and spouting white lies. He does that with a sneering sense of entitlement, secure in the knowledge that Pidi Media will not counter his lies and some people may believe him.

Today I intend to counter 2 of his glaring lies.

Lie No. 1 – Freedom is a fundamental democratic right and BJP/RSS are policing and controlling it

The Shamelessness of this Brazen lie astounded me and I resolved to counter this lie by a few examples of the great congress and its Dynasty in suppressing the same freedom

Year was 1950

Cross Roads was a weekly journal published by Romesh Thapar was Banned by Madras state for Criticising Nehruvian policies

Romesh Approached Supreme Court which upheld his freedom of expression guaranteed under art 19(1)(a) of Constitution on 26 May 1950.

Case was Thapar vs State of Madras.

On 10 May 1951 Nehru moved one amendment, known as Constitution (first amendment) Act 1951.

On 18 June 1951 it was passed by parliament-amending 19(1)a -which guaranteed freedom of expression to curtailing that freedom, thus effectively overturning the judgement of SC in Thapar vs Madras state upholding freedom of expression.

Today Rahul Gandhi brazenly claims that he stands for freedom of Expression .

During Emergency Indira Gandhi Suspended Freedom of Speech totally

In UPA time ,ruled remotely by Sonia-Rahul-Art 66A was implemented curtailing Freedom of expression on social media-arresting scores under the draconian provision

And today Rahul Gandhi sneeringly tweets about upholding freedom of speech !!!

Since Rahul Gandhi is waxing eloquent about his Father Rajiv Gandhi

A brief Synopsis 

Image cultivated of a reluctant politician-immediately agreed to become prime minister after Indira Gandhi’s Assassination

  • His stint started with the infamous ‘when a large tree falls, earth shakes’ and genocide of thousands of innocent sikhs.
  • His brief spell as PM involved Bofors kick back scam.
  • Bhopal Gas tragedy and shameful escorting of Anderson out of India.
  • Overturning of SC judgement on Shah Bano.
  • Terrible Communal riots in Meerut in 1987 where police force was withdrawn and Hindu colonies left unprotected while Muslim mobs attacked them.
  • The IPKF misadventure leading to unfortunate death of over 2000 indian armed forces persons.
  • Emptying coffers of Nation so that Gold had to be mortgaged after his stint.
  • Creating a mess in Punjab.
  • Sowed seeds of Kashmir mess by the rigged elections in 1987
  • Stayed mute when Kashmiri Pandits were being targeted, killed and finally forced into exile.
  • Finally -Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by LTTE- where does serving India come in?

Lie No 2 


Rahul Gandhi claims that Modi is the first PM to bend before China

Another shameless brazen lie that needs to be called out .

The 1962 Indo China war which India lost due to weak leadership of Nehru is a throbbing wound on the psyche of India

Other instances of bending of Nehru in front of China are

  1. Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai
  2. Letting China annex Tibet
  3. Letting China occupy Aksai chin
  4. Gifting away Minsar in Tibet,which was a part of JK,and whose revenues were used to maintain Kailash mansarovar to China in 1953
  5. Feeble protest when Pakistan Gifted away Shaksgam Valley in POJK to China

These are but a few instances in Nehru’s rule

In 1962 Pakistan and China began getting closer and Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Sonia, Rahul did nothing to counter it through decades when they were in power

In UPA Rule CPEC project was begun-what did Sonia Rahul controlled Government do to counter it?

Modi led Government is taking a strong stance against CPEC, BRI etc by neighbourhood first policy.

It is tackling the Maritime silk route by Sagarmala, reaching out to Indian Ocean Rim nations, QUAD, RIMPAC etc.

It must be noted that Dokolam was the first instance of India sticking to its Guns in face of China after the Nathu la battle in sixties.

Rahul Gandhi indulges in white brazen lies, time to call out his pathetic lies by putting out fact based rebuttals.


Picture Credits: Screenshots from Twitter , @RahulGandhi , NewsX


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