April 20, 2019

Breaking Bad: The Ground Beneath Their Feet


Those who throw dirt, loose ground.

Few would remember this has not happened for the first time. After the Oath takingstage ritual of the CM Shri Akhilesh Yadav was over, over excited well wishers went in large number on the stage and it collapsed. It has happened twice. At the start and towards fag end of the tenure. I leave it to the readers to draw conclusion.

The plates are shifting and “Stage-Collapse”in Allahabad is a sign of things to come. On March 11th 2017, they might be standing on wrong side of people’s mandate. Desperation is clearly visible in voice of the Chief Minister so much so that he has lost his cool and made an ass of himself. Donkeys are loyal and hard working. Who is the “Donkey” in the alliance? Well, it’s anybody’s guess. The official spokesperson of Chief Minister’s party has got a whiff of strange winds blowing through UP. His outburst terming Modi and Shah as terrorists shows his bankruptcy. With no credibility left, desperate times call for desperate measures.

If the “Stage Collapse” is any indication, their political fortunes too warrant same fate. The infighting within Samajwadi has not ebbed. Undercurrents are clearly visible. High handedness of administration in Shivpal Yadav’s constituency does not augur well. The party is still fighting its own demons. People’s mandate is clearly against them. Battling anti-incumbency is going to be an uphill climb. Despite 10 years of Socialist rule, close to 1.10 crore youth are unemployed. The high pitched campaign by Chief Minister does not have any mention of jobs for youth. He is conveniently blaming Modi. Job creation is an equal responsibility. Both states and center have to contribute equally. Promise of free smartphones, pressure cookers, Cooking Ghee won’t be enough to make youth forget about jobs.

Chief Minister’s wife, Dimple talks about giving space to lovers. Her husband is patronizing rape accused legislator and campaigning for him. Is this the “Space” Dimple is referring to? Akhilesh’s love for Prajapati? Rapists, eve teasers and goons are getting much needed “Space” to maneuver and unleash havoc. The cycle is treading on wrong path. The path to self-destruction. March may make or mar fortunes. Who knows the Chief Minister might get “Space” for five years to introspect and ponder over what went horribly wrong.

Picture Credit: India Today , Screen shots from Twitter, thanks a ton friends.


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