May 24, 2019

#BreakingIndia Forces

After years of observation of social media pattern, let me try to formulate seven steps template of #BreakingIndia forces. This post is purely keeping in mind the unity and development of India, and nothing else.

Step 1: Start bad mouthing Brahmins. Easy as no one really counters you.

Step 2: Expand that hate to rest of “upper castes”. Some resistance, but again has been done before. So easy to do.

Step 3: Gradually start demeaning everything that is Hindu – the Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita, Devas, Devis, Festivals, Rituals…. But keep cautiously saying we are against “Brahminism” and not Brahmins. If that does not work, keep repeating, we are only against “Hindutva” or “Fascist forces”.

Step 4: Start us versus them propaganda. That is “outsider” Aryans versus Natives (mostly Dravidians) talk. Latch on to propaganda prepared by Indologists over the past 150 years to widen the region, language, caste and religion fault lines of Indian society.

Step 5: Expand that attack on Hindus to Hindi. Use “federalism” or “respect for my language” and other catchy phrases. This works brilliantly in the entire south, parts of west & east and entire North East.

Step 6: Graduate to outright demeaning posts about “cow piss drinking” “Hindians” or “Sanghis”. Align with anyone who is against “Sanghis” – feminists, liberals, communists, rationalists, linguists, regionalists, tribal activists, caste orgs … anyone, as long as they oppose the evil “Chaddis”. Exploit their grievance by turning them against the “intolerant fascist forces”. Turn every type of dissent into “Who are you to tell me that” episode frequently.

Step 7: Write strongly that India was “never one country”. We are in an “artificial” union dominated by “Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan” cow belt people, which is endangering “our” native identity. “They” are responsible for all our miseries.

That’s how you lay foundation for Breaking India forces. I am seeing many people fall into this trap on social media every year. If you see any of your friend on social media tweeting, sharing or posting those phrases described, start observing closely. They may or may not know that they are getting into “Breaking India” trap.

It might not always follow the sequence, but that is the standard template that I have observed. Some might start with step 5 directly in the name of linguistic fight, and then develop affinity towards other steps. Some might join in Step 3 declaring themselves as “atheist”, and then align with Step 6 graduates. Some might unknowingly fall into Step 2 in heated reservation or rights debate, and then align with Step 5 and Step 4 crowd. So it can happen in any order, but when they get to step 7, it would be a gone case! India’s long term unity will be at stake if more and more people get brainwashed into the Breaking India template.

I only wish 10 crore people in India read Rajiv Malhotra‘s book to understand how these coteries and nexuses work. also Vivek Agnihotri‘s Buddha in a Traffic Jam movie to understand how brainwashing works at academic level.

Fighting for your right or issue is perfectly fine. I am not saying everyone support RSS or BJP. You are free to support whoever you want. But do NOT fall into the trap of Breaking India forces. Keep the unity of India as a topmost priority if we need to get 10s of crores of poor Indians out of poverty this century. If India has to jump from $2 trillion economy to $10 trillion in your lifetime, you need to keep it united and harmonious. Fight against hate from any corner, but do not become fodder for those who eventually want to bleed India by many cuts. Be wise!

Let me know if you think I missed something, or I am not reading the pattern correctly.

Author: @KiranKS 

Picture Credit:  and Shri Rajiv Malhotra

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