February 19, 2019

BRICS Bonhomie and Dragon’s Devilry

Indo-China equation has flown off the tangent thanks to China’s nonchalant attitude and doublespeak on terrorism. China has vetoed ban of Azhar Masood on the pretext that countries should not extract political mileage out of terrorism. China is leveraging rogue Pakistan to tilt power equation in Asian region. It would be naïve to believe Chinese assurance that its ready for dialogue on India’s Nuclear Suppliers Group. The BRICS summit in Goa will be a litmus test for India how it choses to isolate Pakistan on BRICS forum without upsetting the commerce and trade balance with China.

To counter China’s Pro Pakistan approach, India should highlight homegrown terrorism in Xingjiang. Chinese duplicity needs to be exposed. Russia conducted a joint military exercise with Pakistan recently. India should reiterate that any military co-operation with a state which harbors terrorist camps is unwelcome.

Moreover, Chinese misadventure in South China Sea should be put in check by collective efforts of other BRICS members. Territorial integrity is sacrosanct and no country should fiddle with it. Chinese penchant for incursion is well known. Dragon’s might and devilry can be tamed by emergence of a collective force in the Asian region. No country can counter China in isolation.

Picture Credit: Al Jazeera


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