May 19, 2019


The caged parrot is a famous title given by the Courts of India to the premier investigation agency of India, the CBI. But now the new parrot that needs to be caged and its wings clipped are the slogan shouting students of public funded educational institutes. This does not mean the students be made to crawl when they are asked to follow the rules and regulations but are made to realize that the rules need to be followed.

The public funded institutes are a drain on the exchequer when they cannot produce people who work for the public. How could student block the way of the professors in JNU? How could any administration accept themselves to be locked in their chambers by the students? This is a typical a sarkari style administration, mera kya? A student goes missing but the college administration is made responsible and the pathetic bunch of jokers in the JNU make the college administration responsible because the government at the centre is to be targeted.

The common people have to wonder how much freedom these free loader student activists are enjoying at the cost of the poor people of this nation. How many students in other schools can be sponsored by their wasteful protests and the salaries of the administration wasted due to non-productive work. But not one charie intellectual who has the platform to rant all day ever asks such questions. The genocidal communists and their affiliated groups make all kinds issues about peace and rights which they themselves do not grant to others when in power.

The ruckus at JNU is nothing but a carefully planned long term project. The target here is not Modi and not the BJP nor it is the ABVP. It is the nation called Bharat which has stood inspite of the radical Islamist, Evangelical Christians, the murderous communists and a host of other sold out ISI and anti-indian agents The name calling is more important because it is done by the other side and the constitution guarantees the same rights to everyone but our courts have ensured that these are distributed unevenly among the various class of citizens.

It might appear bizarre that there are different classes of citizens in our country and it can be easily proven fact. Truth though difficult to digest is an unavoidable item that has to be consumed at one point of time or another. The unequal treatment by the constitutional creatures itself a testimony to the different classes of citizens and groups that exist. There is no discussion when a fatwa is issued by a idiotic mullah for the beheading of Tarek Fatah or blackening the face of the PM of India.

There is no discussion in parliament when some specific group of working people having similar identity abuse children. There is discussion when a class of women are raped but huge discussion when a threat over social media is given. There is no discussion when the police does not lodge FIR in a rape case but nobody wonders why some other class of citizens do not even care to lodge a complaint with the police but run to some quasi judicial bodies.

The quasi judicial bodies or other statutory bodies are parking spaces for useless retired agents of governments. These agents work for predetermined agenda and nobody wonders why these exist and what they have achieved over their life times. These bodies and their employees are a waste on the exchequer except for making some noises when the going gets interesting and noisy. The agents and agenda ridden people do not believe in due process of law but believe in superiority by virtue of their self declared virtues.

We shouldn’t have any respect for anyone who thinks bad about Bharat or dreams about breaking Bharat or hopes good of Pakistan. Let the agents and the agenda ridden people work but the courts should ensure equality. If anyone follows Gandhian principles, the state and its citizens be allowed to follow Gandhian principles. If the agents and agenda ridden people are following non-gandhian principles, the state and its citizens are also free to give back in kind.

The girl of the matyr thinks that by virtue of her father’s death, she has the right to make some hyperbolic statements, then she and her supporters should know that statements will be thrown at them. If the courts interfere in the statements of rape threats, then the courts should also interfere in statements made by all. There should be no special treatment or else it is unfair on the constitutional creatures to discriminate the citizens. The constitution abiding citizens will only get abused by the non-constitution abiding citizens usually the agents and agenda ridden people who want Bharat ke tukde.

Just like the courts said earlier, a mere statement spoken might not lead the the act that is expressed. This should apply to all and not only to the constitution abiding people of Bharat. (see point 10)

Having immense belief in our partial courts, there would be different treatment to different people. We can make speech about breaking india into pieces and it is not wrong but a similar idiot threatening over social media from some other corner of the world to a women is a huge issue.

I do not stand with Gurmehar Kaur.

Sanity and peace to this daughter of a martyr.

Om Shanti.

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bhatVijendra Bhat

Experience in Steel Foundry Industry for 6 years and currently working as an Assistant Professor in an Engineering College in Udupi district, Karnataka. Interested in the politics and revival of Bharat.



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Currently working as an Assistant Professor in an Engineering College in Udupi district, Karnataka. Earlier Worked in Steel Foundry Industry for 6 years. Interested in the politics and revival of Bharat.
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