March 22, 2019

Can MODI scale the TRUMP Summit ???

Despite their expertise the Americans have always gotten their calculations wrong and have paid a heavy price for their misadventure on foreign shores.

Vietnam showed them that Neplam can burn, destroy villages and lives but no amount of the incendiary stuff can snuff out the fighting spirit of the Vietnamese.

The Pashtun’s showed them (and the Soviets before them) that the incessant barrage of Tanks and Tomahawk’s cannot destroy the tribal warlords and their crude but effective guerrilla ways.

In their zeal to bulwark the Soviets from gaining access to the Arabian sea through Afghanistan, America, inadvertently created a ‘Frankenstein’ of Pakistan .

They trained the Pakistanis, armed them, pumped in billions of dollars of aid to prop them up to counter the hegemonic designs of the Russians.

It’s said that ‘To catch a criminal , think like a criminal’  but the Americans went a step ahead and created a ‘criminal’ of Pakistan.
Today, Pakistan is a country with a meek government, an all powerful Army – armed to the teeth and an ISI equipped with the craft of the CIA and the guile of the KGB – a highly potent and disruptive spy agency that the world has witnessed since the era of the SS-Gestapo. The collaborative effort of CIA & ISI gave birth to a entity called ‘Al Qaida’ , which later reneged on America and showed to the world that they can terrorise the Yank’s on their soil  .

American misadventure did not stop at Afghanistan, they notched up credits in Iraq with their lie about WMD’s. They meddled in Libya and Syria. Here again, by destabilising regimes and by leaving a trail of death and destruction they sowed the seeds of lawlessness and civil unrest paving the way for radical elements to bare root and take control.

ISIS is again a product of the ‘West’s’ myopic policies, as a result of which terrorism has reached the Western shores, the dread of ISIS reverberates across America and Europe .

The Americans are now in Syria . The purported intention is to rid the nation (& the world) of the ISIS but the hidden agenda is to dislodge Assad to counter Russian influence in the region.

We were led to believe that the cold war ended with the dissolution of the Soviet Union but the turmoil in the middle East and elsewhere has its roots in the unseen face of a simmering cold war, the undercurrent of which is the death, destruction and mayhem that has engulfed the gulf.

For the supremacy of the superpowers to remain intact it’s vital for them to create conflict zones across the world, it makes business sense to pit one nation against the other, ferment war hysteria and utilize the unrest as a ruse to step-in to project their influence and sell their arms and munitions. It goes without saying that the sale of armaments to Oil rich Middle Eastern kingdoms and and other countries is highly lucrative business for the Americans and Russians.

Not to be left behind, China – an aspiring superpower is aping the Americans and Russians. Leveraging it’s immense capacity to splurge money, it has made huge inroads into many underdeveloped and developing countries. It’s just a matter of time before China jumps onto the armaments gravy train to become the world’s third DISRUPTOR .

Bush did it, Obama did it, can Trump be far behind? Obviously not, Trump may differ with his predecessors on many issues but when it comes to policies on Terrorism they are all on the same page.

Qatar is a game plan that Trump has pulled out of his hat to create a new theatre of war, the actual target is not ‘Terror Funding’, it is the ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’. The new President and his team have Iran in their cross-hairs. The eternal thorn in the American flesh has to be taken care of, pronto !

But why just Qatar ?

Definitely a clear case of western hypocrisy at play. It’s a verified fact that Saudi Arabia funds select terror organisations and it’s also a undeniable fact that Pakistan is a terror factory –  but they are not on the ‘Anti – Terror’ radar of the Western coalition for the simple reason that they are amiable to American diktat .

The American policy of targeting the ‘Un-Friendlies’ for terror activities and turning a blind eye to similar activities practised by its ‘Friendlies’ reeks of ‘Dual – Personality’. It’s no wonder that Pakistan has inherited the genes of its erstwhile Mentor when it talks of ‘Good Terrorist’ and ‘Bad Terrorist’ .

One fails to understand the logic of the Americans in their ‘Chest Thumping’ fight against terrorism. Why go after a soft state like Qatar when they know that the tentacles of terrorism spread from Pakistan ?

Why go after an isolated and debilitated Iran when Pakistan is a bigger threat ?

Hasn’t America realised by now that with every ill-conceived adventurism, it has spawned a hideous monster – just the thought of what could emerge from the ashes of Qatar & Iran is spine chilling .

Pakistan is a ‘ticking time bomb’ that can explode anytime , America cannot afford to be smug in the belief that it is well protected from Pak based terrorists.

“The Ticking Time Bomb may well be a  Nuclear bomb , and it may end up blowing up in the U S A” – God forbid.

Hope MODI convinces TRUMP to get his priorities right on ‘Terrorism’. America has to be convinced that it’s arms-trade for profit with volatile countries can be counterproductive. America has to be convinced that it has to erase the ‘GOOD’ from its counter-terror lexicon – ALL TERROR IS BAD.

Time to convince America and the World that when it concerns terrorism – ‘The Buck Stops at PAKISTAN’ ?

Pic Credit: Wiki. Editing by Rishabh’s lens


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