April 26, 2019

Case for Bullet Train

Not many in our country might know what a Bullet Train except that it is a fast moving train. The technology involved and the learning processes that take place because of the presence of high end technology are not a matter of concern to the “Import Technology Lobby”. Even though India has not done much R&D in high end technology in many areas we should not limit ourselves from getting our hands on high end technology. So it makes sense to get the Bullet Train just for the technology and icing on the cake is that Japan in making most of the funding with very liberal terms of payment. In the time period of payment terms, we cannot be sure how travel habits might change and we cannot be sure of our own survival because of various reasons starting from the global warming to jihadi terrorism.

People concerned with the safety aspects of regular train travel are more concerned about the safety of the Bullet train even though Japanese Bullet Trains are one of the safest systems. But not one safety intellectual is talking about the sabotage activities of the citizens of India who are cutting tracks, putting boulders on the tracks, crossing the tracks with no concern for their own or others and a lot of other issues. Apart from these aspects, the safety intellectuals cannot see beyond ivory towers because the new construction is easier to do and bring a better behavior quality than in the existing systems. This was evident in the public behavior in the new trains implemented by the Indian Railways and the behavior in the metro stations.

The cost of the Bullet Trains is very huge and it is being implemented between two cities based on a feasibility report. The economic intellectuals have no respect for any facts except for their personal facts pulled out of thin air. These people would criticize everything that India gets but do not squirm when simple objects such as plastic items, toys, etc are imported in billions of dollars from China which could be more easily produced in India. The Indian industry eco system has been suffocated by the rules of finance, labour, inspection and various other items. India is sending money to nations which could otherwise be produced within and the nations are making huge profits which could made by our own people. For the economic intellectuals the profit made by a particular set of people is not an issue but made by our people is a huge issue.

The environmental intellectuals have been hiding behind the scenes and have not come out in full strength because they are the most powerful. The power of these intellectuals has come from their power connections to the black coats. These people have delayed several projects of national importance and there is high likelihood of using delaying tactics in the Bullet train project. But a government that is firm in using the rule of law can put the efforts of environmental intellectuals to the proper place which is the garbage bin.

Many examples have been given why a Bullet train should not be stopped and let me tell the same in a different way. All the intellectual people believe that India is a poor nation. These people think that we should solve our poverty issues and only then we should go for costly bullet trains. I would request all these concerned intellectuals to donate all their personal known and hidden wealth to the cause of upliftment of the poor. These intellectuals should stop all their luxurious lifestyles, foreign junkets, FCRAed money and use all these money to the upliftment of the poor. These intellectuals should make all their speeches to the media as paid and collect all this wealth not in advocacy activities but in the upliftment of the poor. Lets us pool all the money and bring the people affected by the Bullet Train. Dear Intellectuals it is time for real action and not advocacy to stop the progress of the nation.


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