March 19, 2019

CauWARy: Bengaluru Burns, Mobocracy Rules

The dispute over Cauvery water sharing has erupted again in Bengaluru following another Supreme Court verdict. Mobs have gone crazy and they have vandalized more than dozen of vehicles. This is not a sporadic protest, most parts of Bengaluru are burning.

Police preparedness was hailed when police ensured incident free strike on September 9th. However, a complete lack of due diligence and preparedness has resulted in instances of vandalism and hooliganism across the city. The government was complacent enough. They did not expect an adverse order from the apex court. Where was the preparedness for an unfavorable ruling? None!

Hooliganism and Mob Mania could have been averted if the government had shown alacrity in seeking more numbers of RAF and CRPF in anticipation of an adverse ruling.

Someone please Wake Up Sid before its too late.

Picture Courtesy: The New Indian Express

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