May 24, 2019

Chalta Hai Attitude – Dual Approach

While government under Modi will continue to do whatever is required, as citizens we also need to come out of Chalta Hai Attitude. I remember one video clip of Dr Kalam where he says the Indians who are not bothered about civic sense are seen highly changed person when they are out of India.

Our mind works faster than speed of light. We calculate the perceived loss, whether a particular thing is worth wasting, whether it our own hard earned money, etc. and hence the action. Why can’t we do things right the first time and every time?

A job not done right in the first place will have to be redone . It is directly proportional to the taxes we have to pay later. Why can’t we maintain and use government property just the way we behave in our home. Even in private sector the attitude has to change. I have seen how many employees use liquid soap and tissue paper. The amount of wastage done their is no less.

When are we going to change? Be it eating habits in hotels, social functions we see a lot of wastage. Why can’t we lead by example. Many who keep questioning the government on things not done, I don’t say you stop questioning but if government is your servant then this land is your mother. What have you done for it?

High time we start doing small things that would change lives of people in our surrounding. If not anything, can we do something that would at least bring smile to someone. There are enough people in the surrounding who need care and love. Be it kids, senior citizens or family of martyr’s.

What do we want to leave behind. An address of a flat or a small home that would have zero value for the society but lot of commercial value for the children. Why can’t we leave behind something that is much bigger than commercial value. Why can’t we work towards leaving behind a strong society.

Dual approach will not help either the society or the government. It will only give rise to unrest. Stand Up and be counted.

Picture Credit: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam 

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