May 24, 2019

Changemakers’ Room 2016 – Creating the first Action Agenda for Change 2020

Changemakers’ Room 2016: Creating the first Action Agenda for Change 2020

October 3rd – 9th, 2016, Bengaluru, India CM2020

This October, 100 of the world’s most aspiring minds will join hands with philanthropists, visionary political leaders, acclaimed practitioners and pioneers of grassroots movements from across the globe to identify pressing problems, create sustainable and replicable solutions and create the first Action Agenda for Change 2020 to be implemented in the following four years worldwide.

Changemakers’ Room 2016 is a seven day training forum organized by Make Room India in collaboration with numerous national and international knowledge and strategic partners representing more than 80 countries across each continent of the world. The immersive training forum, open to changemakers across the world, aims to be a collaborative effort in identifying the most pressing problems globally, shortlisting the problems changemakers as individuals can solve or prevent and finding innovative, sustainable and replicable solutions. Through negotiation, role play, research, field visits, interactions with industry professionals and global political leaders changemakers will create the first Action Agenda for Change 2020 that will serve as an official agreement among communities and changemakers to tackle those identified local and global problems worldwide.

Changemakers’ Room 2016 as well as the Action Agenda for Change 2020 will focus on four major actions: Health Action, Global Inequality Action, Climate Action and Education Action. With help of the global communities represented by organizations and grassroots practitioners worldwide each of the actions includes problems faced by communities worldwide.

“To solve the world’s most pressing problems, collaboration among people, nations, political and economic unions are paramount. Connecting the world is no longer a choice, but an imperative. With social change movements being advocated at a global scale, an ecosystem, where ideas turn into action, intent becomes impact and innovators and change-makers are connected is crucial. That’s precisely what the Changemakers’ Room 2016 is all about.” said Mr. Miks C-Kellman, Co-Founder, Make Room India

Among the Visionaries, Knowledge and Outreach Partners Changemakers will engage with the leading organizations from India and abroad such as Ambassador Moses D. Busher (Malawi), Civil Society Education Coalition (Malawi), Anshu Gupta, founder, Goonj (India), Sunitha Krishnan, founder, Prajwala (India), Varsha Ajmera, COO, World Youth Foundation (Malaysia), Health Habitat (Australia), Lara Mastrogiovanni, founder Work in Progress (Italy), Santiago Martínez, Director, Como Lo Cambiarias (Colombia), Ravi Karkara, Senior Advisor Strategic Partnership & Advocacy to the Assistant Secretary-General/Deputy Executive Director of UN-Women (USA) and many more organizations, visionaries and political leaders.

Changemakers will be screened by a carefully selected panel of global juries and each of the changemaker will have an access of funds to execute one or many of the goals listed on the Action Agenda for Change 2020. Each of the changemakers on October 9th will become Action Agenda for Change 2020 Ambassadors within their local communities and will be obliged to work on the selected focus area to reach goals listed on the Action Agenda for Change 2020.

“What is important is a sense of ownership, motivation, purpose, talent and passion to make the world a better place and strength to be forces of good rather than victims of circumstance.” said Mr Pranav Hebbar, Co-founder, Make Room India

The creation of the Action Agenda for Change 2020 has already begun! Join the online community of entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, policy makers and social change activists from around the world as we come together every Monday at 8PM IST on Twitter using the official event hashtag #AAC2020 to pave the way for the first ever Action Agenda for Change 2020.

“Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Changemakers’ Room 2016 is a unique experience of immersive learning and action with like-minded changemakers. It is an opportunity to ignite long-term, meaningful social change”. said Ms Shruti Menon, Co-founder, Make Room India

To register, please pay the fee of Rs 750 (EUR 10, USD 11) and fill the application form, clickling below

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Written by Miks C-Kellman

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