May 19, 2019

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to Veer Savarkar – Congress has Perennial Problem

I was never good at writing and even today I am hardly 1 on a scale of  10. While this became a passion early this year when I officially started  writing for

Never thought one day I would be writing my 100th article and that too on Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. I dedicate this article to Shivaji Maharaj and this soil that has become my Karma Bhoomi  1994 onwards.

I spent good 26 years of my early days in Jhansi (UP) which is part of Bundelkhand and well known for Rani Laxmi Bai. My days in school and my favorite chapters used to be the Freedom Fighters and Great warriors of our soil not the invaders who are termed as Great. The chapters in syllabus are never in detail. I wish present day government should focus on this. While reading about Shivaji Maharaj I used to get goosebumps and still do. His bravery is unmatched and his vision to invest in well planned network of forts and Navy is par excellence.

Shivaji Maharaj stands for many things. The way he created his Kingdom and fought the Mughals, the way he planned his strategic forts and formed his Navy is worth reading and teaching sharing with our children.

Starting from 1674 till his death he brought major part of present day southern India, Gujrat and Maharashtra under his Kingdom. The key to his strength were his forts and Navy. He invested in ships fitted with guns, had repair facility as well located in Kalyan, Bhiwandi and Goa. His trusted man Kanhoji Angre remained undefeated till his death. He laid the foundation of strong Navy.

What we know as Light House were set up by Marathas as far as Andaman Islands and and his Navy were always a threat to Dutch, English and Portuguese ships. 

We owe a lot to the great Marathas and Shivaji Maharaj for what we see as Indian Navy today. To have a statue of such great figure anywhere on land is a nice thing to remember him but to have it in the sea is a superb gesture.

modiComing to the function Modiji attended yesterday. Congress has a history of cribbing. Yes if you want them to be happy then name it after any of the family members. If there was UPA 3 we would have witnessed some public properties named after the poor farmer Shri Vadra also.

The basis of the dynasty is made on arrogance. My way or the high way. This starts from nominating the first Prime Minister of India. It is on record that Sardar Patel was elected as the first PM but Jawaharlal Nehru didn’t like it. Gandhiji had to ask Sardar Patel to withdraw and Nehru became the first PM of India. The family has never sacrificed or known for accomodating. Though there are evidence of Nehrus arrest during freedom struggle but as compared to other freedom fighter did he really go through the hardship? I leave this to be searched on google and reliable historians and not left leaning historians. 

2003022705830101Congress has perennial problem with Veer Savarkar even. They had the audacity to skip the function when his portrait was unveiled in Parliament. None from congress was present. The opposition even requested then President of India Dr. Kalam to skip the function. 

When Bandra Worli sea link was completed BJP and Shiv Sena wanted it to be named after VeerVeer_Savarkar Savarkar. But then ruling congress party went ahead naming it after Rajiv Gandhi. And the reason was that Rajiv was born in Mumbai. Smt Indira Gandhi in 1980 said “Veer Savarkar’s daring defiance of the British Government has its own important place in the annals of our freedom movement”. She released a commemorative stamp of Savarkar and donated Rs. 11,000 to a trust in his name from her personal account.

cellular-jailReality is congress hatred for Veer Savarkar will die with congress Mukt Bharat only. Cellular Jail in Andaman and Nicobar islands had a plaque in the name of Veer Savarkar next to Swatantra Jyot, it was installed by Ex PM Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. This was removed by then Petroleum Minister Mani Shankar. This was later reinstalled by present Petroleum Minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, a fitting reply by Modi government. 

Apart from Rajiv’s birth what are his contribution to the city or the state? The elections were around the corner (when Bandra Worli link was inaugrated) and to name it after Rajiv Gandhi and Smt Sonia as the chief guest was rubbished by then CM of congress.  So congress should be the last talking about elections next year. Past comes to haunt. There is much more in store till 2019. They need to be patient and look inwards.

One more name out of context does need mention here is about Dr BR Ambedkar. Now all in congress wants to pay homage to him on his anniversary but what Nehru did to him is forgotten. He has much more connection to Mumbai and Maharashtra then Rajiv Gandhi. 

shivaji33For many who are talking about the expense of the statue,needs to check their facebook albums.20150315_135444 (2) Amount of photographs they click with such landmarks on their overseas vacation. We should be proud of our history. Such landmark are a source of sharing history and matter of Pride. Visitors take pride in remembering them. This statue is next to Ramada Hotel next to Juhu chawpaty. I have seen many visitors literally waiting to take family photographs. I can’t imagine what would be the passion of the citizens when Shivaji Maharaj statue is fully ready in the midst of sea.

For a party who has lost count of number of public places, institutes, etc that are named after their family should not be talking and interfering with Shivaji Maharaj. Time has changed and it’s time all Nehru and Gandhi schemes, public places, institutes are renamed after unsung local Hero even. 

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