April 19, 2019

Children of Bharat

In the land we called Bharat there are four main ideologies – Hindu, Islam, Christianity, Communist and within the Hindu fold come the Buddhish, Jainism, Sikhism, Athesim and a lot of other tribal denominations. In a broader sense we can club the Islam, Christianity and Communism because the under lying philosophy of these three is the same at the operational level and we can call them BigThree. The three ideologies have a common trait of violence, intolerance, oppression and tendency to eliminate native cultures to varying degrees. Even though there are various sub groups of the BigThree ideologies there are clashes within their subgroups and also between the different portions of BigThree.

The war between the nations of Muslim kind is nothing but Casteist wars of Islamic world. The evalangical aggression by one of caste of Christians has even scared the Pope who prayed that his herd be left out of this aggression. The communists are a crucial species in this context because they are the biggest casteist of  BigThree. Even though they are the biggest claimants of equality their structure of society is more casteist than any other that could probably exist on this planet. But the world is mostly interested in the internal fights between the Hindus because it is only ideology that stands in the way of the rest and has been a pain the ass of the leaders of anti-Hindus.

With this basic background, we have to understand where the bigotry exists and why Hindus should start their correct narrative for united stand. The bigotry of each group can be calculated based on the number of deaths and the amount of violence that has been generated by a particular ideology. Where ever the BigThree have landed, there is no trace of the previous era except in a dead form in the museums and whatever is left is under oppression or treated with kid gloves and nudged towards reformation. All the reformation is the infusion of slow poison leading to the extinction of the native culture and traditions which will be packaged in an apt way to fool the people.

The Hindus have a tendency to feel inferior to the BigThree and this may be partially due to the ignorance and half baked knowledge. There are several fake stories propagated to attack the Hindus but the intellectual leadership of real Hindus have not been given any platform to provide replies. The entire space is occupied by the anti-Hindu groups for long and the Hindu leadership too did not work towards creating alternate platforms and launch counter attacks to bring out the truth. The various groups among the Hindus have long been living in silos propagating their own glories without a common history or a reconciled history which could be said as the history of the Bharat in the truest sense.

The problem arises because of the feeling of inferiority of losing a set of wars against another set of people of our country. The various castes have fought against one another while winning some and losing some. Kings of different areas too have fought against one another winning and losing as part of the cycle of wars. The problem arises because nobody want to talk about the losses while everyone proudly glorify the victories how much ever small they might be in a real sense with respect to the nation. Apart from this the people of Bharat have fought with various invaders to subjugate their fellow citizens and talking about this set of people creates a sense of anger and pain among various groups of Hindus. The real and fake stories of oppression have thus risen to keep the Hindus alone divided and with little scope for unification.

The answer to this has been provided by our ancestors  who had the foresight to understand our issues millennia ago and have provided the solution in the form of puranas and other narratives. In each of the purana there is a main hero and all others are sub characters. Also in our ithihasas we have seen various deities giving powers or boons to different people but only Dharma won in the end. The dharma of the citizens which is the protection of Bharat should alone be the aim of the history and anything that goes against this point in the grand narrative should be taken as such. Just like in our grand ancient narratives, the reasons for the actions of every group are explained in detail to explain the context of a particular action by a group of people.

Without all the small narratives being provided their space it becomes difficult for reconciliation and defeat of Hindus would be aimed by various anti-Hindu groups. A lot of efforts have been started by stalwarts of research and have been putting out several books and it would be in the interests of Hindus to gain knowledge because knowledge is as important as muscle. At time only knowledge can help diffuse a situation and the muscle of the Hindus is well known because we still exist but the knowledge has been diminishing and had been in almost hidden in the minds of a few. In the age of digital world, the knowledge is flowing like ganga and hopefully give salvation to the various mini narratives in the Grand narrative of Bharat.

Bharat alone matter and when the identity of Bharat becomes anything other than our deities, then it is India who has no context with respect to our ancestors who have given us this land with their infinite treasures. The various castes and sub castes should start their own individual true narratives and match it with the narrative of Bharat and if a wrong has been done it is done and any wrong has been done on them it was already done. Grinding axes on one another is not going to help anyone because it will only help aliens and anti-Hindus. The only way ahead as equal is the unification of our narratives in the right context which the identity as the children of Bharat and all the remaining narratives are either fake or manipulated ones.

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