May 27, 2019

Children of Bharat

Bharat is our country existed much before any modern claims its existence. Bharat is not merely geography but a civilization which has its origins linked to the origins of knowledge and the greatest of people that have walked this planet. Right from Rama, Krishna to Ramakrishna, Vivekananda and the various gurus, kings, artisans, warriors, leaders have been born in Bharat. The count of the number of the great personalities is equal to the court of the stars in the night sky.

A huge trick has been performed by the most cunning people who were guided by the most maniac ideology on the people of Bharat. The trick was making the people of Bharat believe that Gandhi is the only star in the sky greater than any other. But the most astonishing thing is that most people of Bharat have been in awe of this trick so much so that even after the show got over, the people are not coming out of the déjà vu effect.

The effect of the trick is so profound that we donot value the life of the people of Bharat as much as we value the life of others. Most feel that this civilization has been past its expiry date and want the death of this civilization as it exists without any understanding the reasons for its current status. Many people work towards this end in the hope of getting some awards, rewards but with limited success. This limited success is what keeps the forces motivated and inch by inch these forces are crawling to the heart of the civilization.

For every civilization, the heart lies in its children and the knowledge systems. The basic education system of Bharat is so rotten that it does not teach the children the greatness of the older generations but talks more about alien people and their greatness. But when the education system talks about the great people of modern times, these people mostly donot represent the entire civilization to any extent. This causes the young people to misunderstand the real greatness of Bharat. A complete disconnect is created in the minds of the young and when they begin to realize truth it is a bit late and the fight back is hard because the number of people realizing truth is far less than the number of people brainwashed.

The imposition of Gandhi on the minds of the people of Bharat is like mental slavery and continuing the colonial rule at least in the intellectual spaces. No person of Bharat would have approved what Gandhi told and he would have been kicked out the center space of the intellectual realms as he been alive today. ( All people who like Gandhi cannot explain his weird behavior and if he were alive today, he would be called names by the same people who worship him in the current times or atleast act like they adore Gandhi. As long as the people of Bharat are in awe of this man, we will be asked to surrender to the fanatics, maniacs and aliens.

People right from ancient times to the modern day have all worked to fight against the tyranny of alien ideologies. Children of Bharat – Surrender, only to the truth and work to build a peaceful, prosperous, united society. Dharma Himsa Thathivacha, is what is to be remembered before we say Ahimsa Paramo Dharma because to challenge those who believe in Himsa, there is no other option. The life of people who practice ahimsa is more valued than the people who believe in himsa, and if a person takes up arms, then it becomes a necessicity to pick up arms as we are no Deva or Devis but we are Children of Bharat and we fight Adharma to establish Dharma to continue the tradition of our ancestors. Our ancestors have given this sloka and it has to be understood fully by all.

धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः ।
तस्माद्धर्मो न हन्तव्यः मानो धर्मो हतोवाधीत् ॥

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