April 19, 2019


AMONG the world’s most ancient societies, the Chinese have cultivated their culture meticulously and have successfully assimilated their ancient culture with the modern World. Communism in China shed its hardcore values and found a way to coexist with market economy, and this diluted communism propelled the Dragon to the heights to which it has reached today.

Chairman Xi is ambitious. He is ambitious for his Country and also for himself. He has consolidated power by purging his opponents and splurging and rewarding his fellow comrades in the politburo. He is on a mission to emulate Chairman Deng and China’s tallest leader Chairman Mao as a China’s Supreme leader.

The emergence of China as a prominent power has shaken up the power equations of the World. Russia that was once the only counterweight to America and the NATO is slowly but surely ceding that position to a resurgent Dragon.

The Chinese seem to be everywhere; their products have penetrated every market. Their engineers are building infrastructure in every part of the world. Their army is modernising at a rapid pace. Cutting edge technology is being produced on their shores. ‘Cheap Chinese product’ has been rendered a misnomer; they are not cheap or inferior anymore.

The ambitious ‘Silk route’ is being revived. The ‘Belt & Road’ is taking shape giving fillip to the fact that China is a fanning out across the globe projecting its reach and power. Undeniably China has emerged an economic and a military power to reckon with.

History has taught us that every time there is a tectonic shift in power equations and every time a country grows rapidly, both economically and militarily, undercurrents of upheavals grip the globe. Chinese ascendance has a similar effect today. The world has no clue as to where the Dragon is headed. The enigma of China is yet to be deciphered.

Two very important questions crave answers.

  • Is China a Hegemon?
  • Is chairman Xi a responsible leader?

Questions that need answers, but strategists are completely in the dark as to the true intentions of the ‘New Superpower’.

Two highly contrasting theories of Chinese global outreach are doing the rounds the world over.

Suspicion of Chinese intentions has gripped the Western Nations. This particular school of thought is suspicious because China has clearly taken an adversarial position with its relationship with the Americans and Europeans. The westerners grappling with the Russians find themselves confronted with another adversary, far more powerful and far more resourceful.

Secondly, Nations that have chosen to remain on the ‘Wrong Side’ of the Western influence have welcomed the Chinese with open arms. The Chinese have reciprocated loosening their purse strings, pumping in aid, financing and undertaking infra projects in Africa, East & West Asia and South America. For them China is a benefactor.

The divide is clear, and China seems to want it that way. They are out to establish a new world order that is dictated by it and controlled by it and that which is rid of any American influence.

INDIA echoes the Western concerns. It sees expansionist mindset in every Chinese action. And the Indian concerns are not baseless because

Hegemonic foreshocks can be felt in the subcontinent.

China’s relations with most of its neighbours is not cordial, be it Mongolia, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, India etc.

Its claim on ‘South China Sea’ brushing aside the valid claims of other countries of the region is matter of grave concern. Further, by rejecting International Court of Justice ruling on SCS, China has signalled to the world that it will not allow itself to be shackled by any international forum.

The problem with China is that it demands all countries to honour its ‘One China’ policy, but, it has no reciprocal policy to recognise the genuine concerns of other countries. This smacks of a big brother eying a larger pie at the expense of others.

Doklam, Arunachal, CPEC etc., are serious hurdles that confront India. The hawkish Chinese media fuelling anti-India sentiment does little to sooth ruffled feathers.

India’s stand has been consistent, rational and mature.

Indian position on OBOR & CPEC is clear. It has conveyed it’s reservations in no uncertain terms that proposals that impinge on the absolute sovereignty of India will be resisted.

Chinese machinations against India stem from the fact that India is emerging , and competition can be counterproductive to its global designs, hence it’s impossible for it to accept India as a rising power and it will leave no stone un-turned to hamper India’s progress at every step .

This is a reality that India has to live with. Another reality is that INDIA stands alone; it knows that America, Europe or Japan cannot be relied upon to fight its battles. India is also aware that its ambitions will always be considered as detrimental to China’s interests and China’s will do everything possible to baulk India in its quest for peace , progress & prosperity .

“Doklam is a litmus test with which China wants to test the resilience of India. To falter here will embolden the Dragon to breathe fire more often pushing India’s ark of progress aground”.

Picture Credit: Screen shot Republic Debate from Twitter  


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