April 19, 2019

Chinese Apologists

In our country, Chinese is used to represent anything low quality and but not many know that better quality products also made in China.

Apologist : a person who offers an argument in defense of something controversial.

The above tweet on a simple read seems to be very impressionable. The power of suave English replaces all logic, reason, national and regional aspirations and everything that matters. The person tweeting and a host of his ilk form a group often called as prestitutes, news traders and usually Chrislamic apologists. But this tweet is a new job because of their need to increase the Dragon funds to live on to spew their Suave English Venom on the Indians. The following paragraphs will explain the mistakes in the thinking behind the above tweet and why people having these ideas be identified as Chinese Apologists.

“But its time that Chine also pays heed to India’s Concern” – The sentence means that the Chinese were right in doing what they did all this time and the Chinese Apologists are ok with it. It could also be that the Chinese Apologists are pissed off with the Chinese for not respecting the Indian sentiments. But one thing the news consumers on social media know that the Chinese Apologists never care for the Indian interests and hence they could never get pissed off at the rich but powerful money bags who might even commit genocides, run dictatorial regimes.

“….. Like NSG and supporting a terrorist like Azhar…..”  – Instead of telling in plain terms that what the Chinese is doing is absolute bigotry and wrong on every principle of humanity. But the Chinese Apologists support everything inhumane else they would have raised their voices against all kinds of dictatorial regimes and fascist regimes. It would be amply clear to any Indian with an Indian heart that the Pakistan is on demand jihad supplier to keep India wounded and sick. Nowhere in the world has one powerful nation has helped another prosper. The seemingly rich nations have divided the nations to supply the resources and wealth. The Chinese Apologists would never speak a word against the Dragon but would have no issues in calling a portion of Arunachal Pradesh as disputed territory. The Chinese apologists would never say that China is terrorist supporter and is a funding of Jihad in India by supporting the terrorists of Pakistan.

The Chinese Apologists would have no problem in equation Dalai Lama with Azhar as both are declared threats to big nations. The Chinese apologists would have a problem in calling Pakistan, China as land grabbers and violators of United Nations Conventions. The coward of Indian Media who are also Chinese Apologists have no problem in every tom, dick and harry about the demonetization effects but fear asking about the land grabbing acts of China which is at the core of Indian interests. The Chinese Apologists have no shame and hence cannot be shamed with additional titles given in their honor. The whole world watches mutely when dictatorial regimes violate every law that is created by the UN and the Indian Chinese Apologists can be forgiven as they as mere moles in a mountain. For India to progress, it is high time, the colors, passions and hidden agendas are clearly put out.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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