April 19, 2019

Chinese Cry Baby

Without going into too much rhetoric, India has shown the North Asian Bully that it is only a cry baby.  As per the Indian government utterances in regards to the standoff at Sikkim, everything seems to be done according to carefully thought out plan. But we can be assured that the anti-Hindu forces would bend over backwards to appease the Chinese in order to make the Chinese look great. For the so called intellectuals of the English language pseudo-journalists, the 1962 is the 2002, but the Indian language channels are much better in giving the accounts of 1967 also imparting a sense of pride about our army.

The Chinese cries are getting shriller which is an indication the Chinese baby is getting impatient with the delayed results that it hoped to obtain. The shriller cries is also an indication that the Chinese baby was getting all it wanted by immature tactics alone. The Chinese baby has brought in the issue of 1962, Kashmir, Pakisthan but their failure is obvious when their envoy met The Pappy for reasons which are mysterious to everyone. What The Pappu and The Chinese cry baby do is childish at best and we can be assured that Pappu would have talked more about the noodles to the ambassador than Sikkim.

The China as a nation seeking to establish its lost glory is fighting a losing battle of perception. Every country it had ventured into has been turned into a market for the Chinese goods and over a period of time more the people will come to know of this problem. For the 1.3odd billion of Chinese a few hundred thousand deaths does not sting and it is these numbers that they are trying to use. Some analysts have discussed long back about the Chinese ideology to wipe out the excess men from their nation.

India is not resourceful enough nor is it insane enough to fire the first bullet. Resourceful enough does not mean that there is a shortage of finances, because the territorial integrity is supreme over everything. India would not be foolish to fire the first bullet but hopefully if a bullet is fired by the Chinese, then the two parties would end up with bloody noses when the war ends. This fear of getting a heavy bloody nose is what is keeping the Chinese quiet. The resourceful enough in the current context that the India has a nation has more important expenses than war with china but when our territory is under threat, every other expenditure could be delayed.

China claims itself to be the next super power and hence cannot lose its aura of invincibility just like the way America lost its aura of invincibility with its mindless wars on terror. Chinese have everything going for them at the moment-wealth, ideology, zero opposition. The only thing that it doesnot want to happen is the ganging up of all the nations surrounding it. If the 14 odd nations decide to support India in what ever little way it might be, there would be no scope of super china but only a limp power China. If the 24odd nations with which the Chinese have territorial disputes gang up, it is the worst nightmare of China.

To put it all in a single sentence – China is a nation that does not respect any laws internally or externally but has a desire to make the world to dance to its bizarre rules. The Indian state for once has been using the useless Gandhian method of non-violence to the best use. What ever might be the end result of this stand-off with china, if India comes out with no loss of territory and no unilateral concessions given to China, then the days of Chinese hegemony in the East Asia and North Asia would end. The Super Chinese Dream would to Chinese Cry Baby reality.

Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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