April 21, 2019


Top Lies spread by Indian Media in September 2015

Big Lies:

  1. 29 September 2015: The Hindu – PM got the GDP figure wrong

We had a separate story on this issue. The PM while in US had mentioned that India was now a economy with $8 trillion GDP. On PPP basis, which is the preferred method of comparing GDP figures internationally, this figure is the same as the figure issued by IMF in their “World Economic Outlook” report for 2015. The Hindu first showed the nominal GDP which is around $ 2 Trillion (in 2014). But they did not mention here that the corresponding value in PPP terms is $ 7.4 Trillion as per World Bank’s data. Then they claimed that the “latest” available data (from 2011) showed GDP on PPP basis at $ 5.7 Trillion. In doing so they ignored the above mentioned IMF projections for 2015 and also the World Bank report from 2014. Final argument used was that the $ 8 trillion figure was only “estimate” and not “data”, but fact is almost all economic data of such large scale is “estimated” because of size and complexity involved.

  1. 210 September 2015: All Media – Meat Ban Narrative

Media Wants Riots: Why Indians are Protesting Bias and Sensationalism in Media

These last few months of media reporting in and on India are sounding ominously like the media climate in America in the period between the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the invasion of Iraq. There is blood and fire in the air and on the ground, and a gloomy atmosphere of even more death and destruction to come. There is a sense of righteousness and justice at work in the passions that these media narratives arouse and stoke, too. But most of all, there is the utter lack of credibility, balance and a sense of honor for truth in all of this idealistic 

India’s Thought Cops are Angry with Modi

In the last week of September at Dadri not far from the Indian capital, an angry mob lynched to death Mohammad Akhlaq over allegations that a cow was slaughtered and he ate beef.

In the 1970s and 1980s in Bihar where there was no Bharatiya Janata Party, cow slaughter was still banned and there were times when there would be conflicts over beef and policemen would visit homes.

Beef conflicts are not new to contemporary India. Cows are not slaughtered across the Islamic world, but the reason cows are slaughtered mostly in the Indian Subcontinent is because Indian Islamists introduced the practice of cow slaughter here as a challenge to Hindu religious practice of worshiping cows.

Fikr-e-Nau (New Thinking), a newly launched Urdu magazine published by Pakistani

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