February 19, 2019

CM actions are fitting उत्तर to News Traders from all प्रदेश

A friend had shared a story with me long back.

It was raining heavily and two friends came out of a corporate office knowing that it would be difficult to get a taxi. Traffic was normal but because of rain they new they had little time to reach airport. They were lucky to see a taxi on other side of the road. Somehow they managed to get the attention of the taxi driver. The taxi driver had to take a U turn to reach them. They saw him drive fast and reach them. Both friends were happy to see the act and settled down in the taxi thanking their stars for getting the taxi. Their happiness was short lived. Soon they realized the taxi driver was a old man and driving very fast. Visibility was low because of rain. The friends decided not to distract the old driver. In about 35 minutes the taxi stopped. They had reached the airport. Out of curiosity one of them asked the old driver “How on earth could you drive and managed to reach despite being old and in such heavy rain”.

The driver replied ” Beta many times I have lost my chashma. So one day I decided to have the wind screen of the same specification. The power is high. Though you could not see but I had clear visibility”.

Well well…

Once you have voted to a political party and it wins you are happy. When that political party gives you a CM that you wanted you are delighted. Now the CM yes, now when CM Yogi Adityanath is driving the state to a destination of your choice, have no doubts, have no fear. You will reach your destination for sure. If not before time, definitely you would be on time.

Having said that. There are many decision UP CM is taking on a daily basis. Right from the first instruction to all state employees to be on time in office and not chew Paan in premises to cancel holidays on birth and death anniversaries of great personalities of India in schools and instead teach them about the great personalities. Each decision is an important decision for the welfare of the citizens either directly or indirectly. Don’t fall prey to news spread by news traders. CM is in hurry to improve look and feel of the state in SPIRIT and news traders are in hurry to keep the mood of the citizens in low spirit. A political newspaper covering finance and business is fine but imagine a business newspaper team was in full force converted into a political news reporting during the election. All are scared and have nothing to talk against the CM.

Some over excited ones like Shirish and Prashant have learned that the tongue looks in close mouth and stupid tweet is like a Pakistani missile ( will burst before take off). No one asks for refund for a flop film but a flop tweet lands you in trouble.


State government MoU with Power Ministry is key to progress along with strict measures to maintain law and order.

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The new UP CM is taking best of other states well. Like Jal Yukt Shivar model from Maharashtra to fight drought. Then announcement of additional medical colleges and AIIMS in UP. He touching every part of the life be it LIG or MIG. The decisions are not only progressive the implementation and results are tangible.

Last week I posted a poll on twitter to check amongst BJP CMs who would be the best performer by December 2017. On purpose I did not mention Yogi’s name in the option. Instead I wrote reply with your choice. And the reply was UP.


The conviction of improving UP is high and now citizens want more from him. PM would definitely be a happy man today.

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Nath panth roots are there all over the country. However Gorakhpur being one of the main centre. They have fought against the invaders too. Social justice runs in their blood. The pictures of Adityanath with crocodile, lion etc are not photo op. It’s in the genes of Nath Samprdaya. Hath Yogi are mentally tough. HATH Yoga is what they practice. Siddha Siddhant Padwati is Advaita.

Yogi sees himself in all beings and all in himself. The four varnas of an individual Brahman – right conduct, Kshatriya – courage, Vaishya – business and the last one Shudra – seva. Hence, a Yogi takes care of all.

Siddha Siddhant Padwati III. 6 – 8

People have seen a reel hero Salman Khan saying “Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, fir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta”. Yogi is real life. Trouble makers, beware.

Picture Credit:  Zee News and screen shots from Twitter

Ref Reading: https://sahajapower.wordpress.com/tag/siddha-siddhanta-paddhati/




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