May 23, 2019


The lull has been shattered in the valley, the Terrorists are back, the stone pelters have regrouped and lives are being lost .

Is there a mission to reignite the flames of unrest in Kashmir ?

From the Pakistani point of view – Kashmir is returning to NORMALCY. THEY are able to push in more Terrorists and are able to smuggle in arms and currency to resurrect the dormant separatist movement.

The separatist leaders in the valley – the puppets who are bankrolled by the Pakistanis are back in their elements – fermenting trouble, fueling unrest and bringing the valley to a boil . For Pakistan to succeed in its propaganda battle against India it is imperative for it to keep the flames burning in Kashmir .

Owing to DeMonetisation or maybe due to the surgical strikes the valley was calm but not anymore. Pakistan has upped the ante – the recent spurt in violence is a clear indicator of what can be expected in the days to come.

The loss of Jawans touched a raw nerve in the Army establishment.

Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat’s outburst at the funeral of martyred soldiers is an expression of deep rooted angst against unabated proxy attacks by the Pakistanis.

He said “stone-pelters in the Valley would be treated as ‘JIHADI AIDES’ and would be subject to action. ‘Those who obstruct our operations during encounters and aren’t supportive will be treated as over-ground workers of terrorists,’.

Opposition parties, especially the Congress reacted strongly to the comments of the Army chief, terming his statement as arrogant .

Is Gen. Rawat arrogant?

India has realised that no amount of soul searching ( looking within India ) can help resolve the hereditary problem of Kashmir. India has been very reasonable and has left no stone unturned to find a lasting solution.

The crux of the matter is the fact that the solution to the K-Problem lies across the border. Pakistan illegally claims that Kashmir belongs to it. Their strategy is to deny stability to the valley because an unstable valley works to their advantage, they win the propaganda battle on the international stage. Hence they have always meddled in Kashmir both overtly and covertly (mostly covertly).

From Pakistan’s viewpoint – when unrest is working to their advantage, then why talk peace? They have made it amply clear that they are not amenable to peace .

With peace as an option diminishing the onus is on India to take a hard-line. It has to quell resistance in Kashmir with a iron fist. The days of soft-pedalling has to end.

Pakistan needs to be taught a lesson. It’s high time India assumed a aggressive posture to reclaim the lands illegally occupied by Pakistan.

Diplomatic jibes and surgical strikes cannot deter a thick skinned , arrogant and unrepentant neighbour. India has to ACT NOW. We cannot allow Pakistan to roam free because..” Allowing a murderer addicted to murder to roam free is an invitation for him to commit another murder .”


Picture Credit: Screen Shots from Twitter.


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