April 23, 2019

Collateral Damage – Demonetization

I am sick and tired of media and some friends who keep posting negative news as proof how poor the implementation of Demonetization is done. Get constructive. Even Boeing, Samsung, Titan have service centres. by showing negative news you are only putting a employee who is putting extra hours for the nation in bad light. To put this under right perspective here are few thoughts without any bias.

Imagine a situation of a Captain of a Ship on high sea. He comes across a situation where he has to hit the ship with with 1000 passengers  on board to an ice berg or a small boat with a dozen odd people on it. What does he do? Sacrifice 1000 passengers or the small boat?

Demonetization is a complex exercise and can’t be done with zero defect. Ones preaching now have hardly contributed to the nation. They have been paper tigers either giving sound bites to media or forwarding stupid WhatsApp message to prove a point. Before creating panic think twice. Yes, this is hard hitting and I am not mincing words.

Lakhs of civilians, defense, para military forces and police staff have lost their life for no fault. Right from insurgency in Punjap and Kashmir to Naxal affected states. These people have just become number. I am tired of  Human Right activists too. Why no Human Rights for law abiding citizens. Then there are citizens who are alive yet dead. They are dragging themselves on a day to day basis because of inflation and taxes. Who created this? Last sixty years the Nation is become victim of selfish agenda in the name of Reservation, Secularism and Socialism.

Rags to riches story of corrupt politicians who did not even own a lambretta scooter today have assets that are mind boggling.

Last one week is gone in showing how poor are suffering standing in queue. Some have died. People without money. Yes there is problem. This is collateral damage. If terrorism and quality of life for 125 crore plus citizens have to be improved then this is the price we have to pay.

Ones who are cribbing about cash in ATMs – some gyaan for you.

ATM machine cash replenishment is done by outsourced agency like PN Writer, Brinks Arya, SIS Security etc, As per RBI and Insurance company guidelines a protocol has to be followed. This includes restricting cash in transit for Bullet proof vehicles and non bullet proof vehicles. I have spent time in this industry in Mumbai and know this operation in and out. The existing fleet is good enough for routine servicing and not for such a huge exercise.

Typically cash is given by banks to these agencies from two places. Either RBI or currency chest of a Bank. If the money is given from RBI obviously the currency notes are new. If it is from Bank currency chest the notes are old.

Old notes have to be put in a currency sorter. This machine identifies ATM fit and unfit notes. Some are soiled notes and it cannot be put in ATM machine, they can block the machine. These are high speed machines but still some time is lost in the process.

The ATM machine has 4 cassette that hold 25 bundles of 100 currency notes each in one cassette. 25 x 4 is the capacity. Earlier the combination was first two cassettes were of 1000, one cassette of 500 and one cassatte of 100.

After Demonetization all cassette are of 100, hence the limit.

There is substantial time spent by the cash van crew to collect money from RBI or currency chest and then go for respective ATMs.

Now  the size of new currency is different. The cassette has to be replaced. All this will be done at war footing basis. You see only bankers doing the hard work, there is large work force in the back end doing equally good job.

The staff of cash management companies is set for two shift with overtime. Overnight the staff can’t be increased as the recruitment process requires due diligence by police station, checking and verifying gun license.

None would go for recruitment as this is a temporary requirement. But yes just like bankers they too are stretching themselves along with local police. Bear with the ones who are there to put system in place ASAP.

Coming back to the pain of the common people. What is more important?

A permanent solution is bound to have collateral damage. Cribbing and calling names will not help.

Garibo ka masihaa who used to move around like a labor wearing oversized shirt is now a corporate person. Hair and moustache colored. But he comes into action as per need. Remember how he went to meet a Head of State in slippers. And not to forget the famous KRANTIKAARI interview. He once threatened to disrupt 26th Jan parade function even. Come on we don’t need lectures from you. The speed with which your MLA are being exposed legally, soon BJP will become majority party in Delhi.

Let us not discuss Rahul Gandhi. We need him. He is king of tragedy tourism and contributed to BJP in a big way. Rahul bhaai please carry on the good work. More you talk more you expose your knowledge and more fodder for BHAKTs to take on News Traders who even now feel you can become PM one day. Good Luck.

Leftists should go for vacation to North Korea and send their children for higher studies.

We will keep pushing Modi to much bigger tasks and he will be highly obliged to do so. UCC, Police reforms, Education reforms, State of Art Healthcare facility, etc. With the master stroke of Demonetization all this is possible in due course.

Modiji nothing will happen to you. Nation is with you. Corrupt can do HAWAN with Black Money………..

This is Kranti against Black Money. No one should be spared. Ones who have Black Money and ones who are spreading rumor.

Picture Credit:  ScoopWhoop

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