April 21, 2019

Come on India give yourself a standing ovation for Electing Prime Minister Modi.






Today is another day of celebrations for the Modi bhakts, who had very early recognized and put their faith/weight behind NaMo. More credit shud infact be given to the opponent or kambhakts, who realized the challenge they were going to face, they started early to make life difficult for our incumbent Prime Minister, this article will be incomplete without mentioning those 65 traitors who had petitioned POTUS to deny Mr.Modi a visa to USA.




For them it was an act of faith to belittle their own country. Democracy is all about people choice & will. As they say in Urdu Muddai lakh bura chahe kya hota hai, wahi hota he jo manjure khuda hota hai



For a complete decade congress (I) lead UPA government flaunted what the international press and leaders of foreign country stated about Man Mohan Singh as the testimonial of his ability /capability, English language media went into hyper orgasmic  condition everytime congress brandished a statement or a comment. Net result it still did not get India the standing and stature that this country enjoys today in the world. Prime Minister Modi and India is being feted all over the globe except back home where the opoosition inside and outside Parliament are busy maligning India in order to negate the achievements of Prime Minister Modi and BJP  lead NDA government.

The deep seated inferiority complex in Congress(I),its supporters in and outside of media are unable to digest the ability of Mr Modi to look directly in the eyes ofheads of foreign governments, make a very strong case for India draw applause from them for self and country.


Sample the reactions of  mediapersons & others.












lets conclude this post with a tweet.


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