March 18, 2019

Concerns for Aliens

I have been very skeptical of the functioning of the judiciary and this stems from the numerous circus activities. All these things apart, courts in India are paid by the taxpaying citizens of India to solve the disputes between themselves. The unaccountable black coats have first wasted the tax payer’s money by accepting to hear a PIL regarding some aliens. If this was not enough, the black coats then have asked the government to reply to them about its plan regarding these aliens, wasting the time and efforts of the government.

This makes one wonder if the courts have any procedure to follow and also doubt their priorities. When hundreds of people are waiting for their turn to get an ear of the black coats, these people indulge in PILs of aliens and seek immediate answers. The black coats should answer how they can dare to go beyond the mandate of worrying about Indian citizens.

Even if India is a signatory to some bigoted international conventions, does it mean that the black coats sacrifice Indian interests to get some scotch in some faraway lands? India exists geographically among nations that want to destroy the civilization that survives in spite of thousand attacks. The same black coats donot see beyond their scotch glasses and living within their cocoons give judgments which are mostly anti-civilization.

The black coats go to great lengths to interpret the English constitution in such a ways the native cultures are given a second preference as compared to invader cultures. Every single opportunity is used to spite the native cultures and special protections and privileges are granted to the invader cultures. The chiefs of black coats at the SC these days have become hyper active in hearing certain issues.

When the natives have gone banging the doors on the doors of the Black Coats to get an ear, the Black coats have mocked them and asked the natives to FO. The Black Coats have now gone with great sense of humanitarian concerns to hear the issues of aliens under the grab of PILs. The whole episode is a joke on the natives of the country and the power of unaccountable black coats is getting highlighted.

Every arm of the constitution has some checks and balances and there is a scope of reprieve. When one arm of the constitution is give more sanctity than required, this kind of situation arises where everyone else will become subservient. To take other examples, who is accountable to the delays are the tens of projects in the name of humanitarian issues, environmental issues and other issues.

When a soldier of our nation has been tortured in the most inhumane way, there was no noise. When the armed forces are pelted by stones there are no noises. When our jawans are ambushed and killed in bulk there are no noises. When hundreds of native people are killed in targeted violence by political rivals, anti-civilization groups, religious rivals, geography rivals, etc there was silence. But when the scum of this planet are to be deported it seems all the soft hearts of a special group of people is aching.

The Government of India should tell the Black Coats to mind their business without further wasting taxpayer money. The black coats are disconnected with the problems of the natives and by indulging in the problems of aliens are only having fun at the cost of natives. These blacks have nothing to lose because they live in ivory towers listening to whispers enjoying their scotch while the natives die in the blasts caused by aliens. The natives of Bharat seem to be the most foolish group on this planet to give power in the hands of the haters of their ideology and yet remain in peace hoping for protection and equality.

No arm of the constitution seems to be really concerned about the natives because natives themselves are not concerned. Hope the natives realize how dangerous games are being played with the vitals of their civilization and the way they are being mocked in broad daylight especially by the black coats. Aliens are more important for the Black Coats and not the natives.

Picture Credit:@Prof_HariOm Screenshot from Twitter


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