April 20, 2019

Conditional Ceasefire- Need or Compulsion

Hon. Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh has taken a politically correct decision of announcing Conditional Ceasefire in J&K. Similar ceasefire was announced during Shri AB Vajpayee era. Times has changed so the announcement of the ceasefire is not accepted well by loyal BJP supporters and nationalists. Be it retired officers from the armed forces or civilians, majority are not in favor of the same.

The logic is simple. Law abiding citizens are the biggest losers of this political decision. They suffer when festivals are not around. They are compelled to suffer when festivals are around (this is the time when terrorists would regroup, take medical treatment if they are wounded, plan for future attacks as they have enough of time on hand).

Every single life counts and the dependent of the person who has to give the life in line of action are part of collateral damage who have to compromise as larger interest of the law abiding citizens was kept aside to experiment with the ones who have zero regard for law. The approach should be of a red hot knife on butter . There are no breaks in war against terror.

As I write this article I read the update of terrorist opening fire in Shophian. Back to the sensitive issue of Ceasefire. Terrorists have no religion. If this is the stand of the government and other liberals, it becomes all the more important to go full throttle after terrorists and their sympathizers 24 x 7 to ensure grounds gained by armed forces and state police is not wasted during Holy months.

Mercy has to be shown on the ones who deserve, not on the ones who are forcing a ceasefire using separatist. This leads to a bigger questions- what precautions were taken while releasing stone pelters, was an undertaking taken from them and their parents?, why separatists are not put in prison in far away places, why Yasin Malik still not tried the way other anti nationals are tried, why government ignores the newstraders who consistently try to show terrorists in good light, there are lot of WHY? Nation understands political compulsions for even a conditional ceasefire but the issue remains do they really deserve it? They have no religion so why a safety net in the name of religion.

Let the world say what it has to say. Everything on this planet has become a joke. Noble Peace is given to US President Obama while he was still serving and what he has done for peace need not be narrated again. Another one is Malala, she has the audacity to tell the UN that situation in India is bad but maintains pin drop silence on POK.

Earlier two articles set the message straight to understand the issue.

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Time to protect and please our own people rather than handful of people who have zero interest in India’s sovereignty.

Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter,  dailymail.co.uk   


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