May 24, 2019

Confusion of BJP Supporters

The BJP leadership does not seem to be in any sort of confusion when they are welcoming every kind of politician with open heart in the hope of strengthening the party. The recent selection of secular candidates seems to have caused a lot of heart burn to the supporters and well wishers. The BJP supporters at times claim that the BJP leadership does not have the killer instinct and when the party shows the killer instinct people are not happy. Some electoral number analysis tells that the SP candidate shift to BJP might make it easier for BJP to get one more MP in the RS and make it more difficult for the BSP to place a candidate in the RS. If these reports are true, then BJP must be appreciated for showing the killer instinct because every vote counts. (

The confusion of the BJP supporters is due to the inaction of the BJP in several areas for lack of RS numbers. Many of the agenda items of the BJP necessiciate good numbers for the party in the RS and hence every kind of vote counts. But what BJP achieves with the numbers is anybody’s guess because it has done very little with regards to the actionable items of bringing equality in law to its supporters. The excuse of lack of numbers seems to be the biggest grouse of the BJP for everything and the supporters are still hoping that with sufficient numbers, things would change for the good. Only time will tell whether any good will come out of the show of killer instincts or it will end up with a foot in the mouth.

An ex-SP MP or a terrorist sympathizer does not make a difference to the BJP as the parliament is already infested with all varieties of people with varied interest. Hence it would be wise to let the number games to be played the party leaders in the hope that something good will come out and supporters continue to work for the party in ways that would be mutually beneficial. The mutual benefits do not mean the Secular type mutually beneficial but the communal type. The communal type of mutual benefit means that the party gains in strength and stature while the supporters continue to die, shed blood or face harassment for larger goals of the nation.

BJP of 2018 is much different than the BJP of 2003 but one wonders if it would ever be the party that considers the persecution of Hindus in this nation because of the inequalities enshrined in the constitution. Only this question matters because so far no other party ever cared for the Hindu votes. Every other party cared for the votes of a particular number of castes and not the whole Hindu votes. BJP should try to understand the Hindu concerns and play its game as it deems necessary. This is the only expectation and also the source of confusion.


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