April 21, 2019

Congress and Opposition: Culture and Strategy

Rahul’s recent visit to US and his vitriol & diatribe towards MODI and BJP from foreign land has to be studied in a different way.

While MSM is busy selling Rahul – The  ever Prospective Youth PM probably for the one last time. We need to spend sometime thinking on the Culture, Strategy of Congress as also other Opposition Party with respect to BJP.

According to  Immanuel Kant  a German Philosopher “Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-incurred immaturity.” He argued that this immaturity comes not from a lack of understanding, but from a lack of courage to think independently. 

It is important to understand and scrutinize whether a purposeful effort was put right from day of inception to create a modus vivendi albeit a culture that is nationalist or a self centered, energy expended  at the time of inception which, then by default became the culture.

Culture of Congress is based on a sense of entitlement usurping authority forcibly without focusing on responsibility. How Nehru became PM is known to all except being part of the HISTORY. How Nehru gifted UNSC seat  to China. How India lost major chunk of land to China. How Kashmir issue was created. How Shastriji passed away in Tashkent and no post mortem was done. How Sanjay Gandhi died in plane crash. How Indira Died. How Rajiv Died. How PVN Rao was denied due respect post his demise. How Sitaram Kesri was locked in a toilet? In between these events there are many HOW? And the biggest HOW in MMS era is How Sonia became Chairman of NAC and thereby sidelining the PM itself. When MMS could be brushed aside by Security detail of Sonia to make way is it difficult to imagine what may have transpired behind closed doors.

So what is this Culture?

To put it bluntly. It is hook or by crook. (Means fair & foul)

Selective history chapters, glorifying invaders as some saviour of Hindus and our Holy land by some corrupt and unfit Historians have left one pattern that I still remember. Power is Poison and Muslim rulers never hesitated in killing their own Kith & Kin  to occupy the THRONE. It may be a coincidence or a real practice. But it does leaves plenty of doubts. Their culture is to humiliate law abiding people, grab what they fancy, their culture is to rule by suppressing people and a strong sense of visible elation that people respect.

Culture finds place in strategy by default. The reason is simple. The thought process of key people on top remains aligned to the culture. Ones who are in surrounding follow this culture to remain in good books of the key people. Beneficiary of this political party suppress their organisation  culture and start promoting them to enjoy fruits of forcible success. Net result the people involved remotely also start believing that the culture that they own and need to be practiced is the one they have inherited.

If you see Rahul speaking in US, he is parroting his strategy of Nehru Times. No matter how deserving leaders are there in Congress (in his age group) but Rahul Baba will prevail.

Back to Nehru for a moment. He became PM by force. Started politics of appeasement and putting Hindus in bad light. Today the entire environment has reached its peak. Hindus are fighting to reestablish their dignity. This fight for Dignity is creating discomfort to all in Congress and rest of Opposition.

Having said that let us identify some other traits of Congress and other parties Culture. What started with Nehru to grab power has continued till date –  Power by force. Second culture again has it’s genesis from Nehru Government appeasement. Third Culture is of Scam again from Nehru Government. Started with JEEP and continued till UPA 2 and can be seen in various congress state government. Fourth is portray India as land of snake charmers and Rahul is just justifying by embarrassing India in foreign land.

The word CULTURE in itself is a misleading word.

The urban elite of 17th century onwards used to discuss their lavish life style by using this word CULTURE. The rest who were tied to their roots and practicing their social norms and rituals were not fit to be part of the CULTURE (ones for the Elite). They till date are treated with some terminology. One politically correct term is AAM Admi. 

What Rahul said on Dynast in US is not wrong. This is the way they are brought up. Raja and Praja system. Raja will decide.

Their strategy in elections and there after is based on this very CULTURE. Six decades bearthe stamp of this very Culture in everything. Be it rewarding undeserving people with awards or appointments, everything has a stamp of this CULTURE. So much so that they landed up giving themselves highest award of this country. Their CULTURE creates FEAR and they live in FEAR of loosing their control over this carefully crafted small society within the Nation. Be it Award Wapsi Gang or fake Historians or Editors Guild who wake up selectively, they all have same CULTURE.

Rest of the political parties are no different. They have majority of the traits common with Congress. Rest are different. What we see in West Bengal and Kerala. Their CULTURE allows Nation to be divided and abused. This FoE is a toll of enforcing their CULTURE. Same Culture is part of the strategy in elections.

Well now we need to check RSS BJP Jan Sangha

The Culture of RSS and BJP is derived from grass roots. Where people work hard to come up in life. A child comes first in Xth and the entire village celebrates. A Child becomes IAS officer and entire locality feels great about. Rest take inspiration and start working to achieve similar or bigger milestone in life. These grass root level people have a dream to do something big. These people work selflessly in tragedy and in other disasters. These people don’t sell nation. These people cry and no one comes to know unlike Batla.

These people have poor bank balance but rich at heart. These people and their family members don’t need new home when their child becomes PM. These people continue to embrace people from all religion despite invasion of their motherland. BJP saw it rise from two seat in Parliament. RSS saw it rise from the sacrifice of Syama Prasad Mukherjee. A party that was nurtured by ABV and Advani that remained confined to it’s own ideology. Never attacked Congress the way it is under attack is past. Congress wants this old BJP to continue. Congress wants the old BJP and ABV who saved Rahul in US while he was PM to continue. When Modi became PM the lutynen were making fun of him. The first to come was 15 lac suit as if only Dynast had the patent to wear costly suit. Next to come was his consistent foreign trips. As if only Dynast had the license to travel. One thing the Congress forgot that BJP PM was doing serious work while travelling and not on sightseeing. But the media and congress could see only Selfies.

BJP is doing all innovative things to put nation back on track some may backfire even. Their strategy of winning elections is connected with roots and the CULTURE comes naturally. And it is this Culture that BJP wants to send the Rohingya back to where they belong.

Human Rights, Paid NGOs, A/c arm chair activists, good for nothing news traders etc can go to Tora Bora Caves to have a CONCLAVE with Taliban as their host. Time has changed and so have the approach. China will be given fitting reply. Rohingyas would be sent back. Lot more will happen.

The Culture of BJP and RSS is natural and connected with roots. Hindus don’t have to divide. It’s our land. Muslims and Christians have humiliated Hindus and Hindu Gods. But they can’t tolerate Hindus doing the same. Their rigid approach that helped them in expansion is being challenged and questioned in a small way. Hindus have accepted change and moved ahead. The new BJP RSS have just asked for what they rightfully deserve.

Few legal cases against self declared historians and some other loyalists of CONGRESS should be music to years. It’s BJP and Hindu CULTURE. We don’t kill, we take it legally and logically. Civilized people are down to earth, might be educated but highly emotional and high on HUMAN RIGHTS without fear or favor. They don’t travel to Pakistan to ask their politician eliminate our PM.

Uncivilized people are Dynast, who care for High standard education (whether it can be put to good use or not), mix up with poor people to gain fake sympathy and ensure media reaches the spot before they reach. These people have torn Kurta for some occasion and Best European brands when they are with friends and humiliating India in foreign land. They also stay illegally in government bunglow and refuse to pay rent or vacate. They continue to lie no matter how bad they perform in elections. They laugh at funerals and in hospital. They cry for terrorists but party when Terrorists attack our nation. Their Culture compels them to kill people and then they justify by saying When big tree falls.

Such CULTURE have lived their leased life. It’s GAME UP. No strategy will work, henceforth. Only Strategy that will work is the one that has no hidden agenda in the interest of Nation. We don’t need Noble Peace Prize and put India on fire like Europe has done. INDIA FIRST. Anyone coming in way can be sacrificed without caring for fake Human Rights.

Picture Credit: From A WAKE-UP CALL


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