May 23, 2019

Congress must stop practising politics at cost of India and Indians!

With the latest developments concerning Sadhvi & Lt.Col. Purohit I felt the need to repost something that I had written way back in 2010.





“Two hours before 26/11 attacks, Karkare called me to say his life under threat: Digvijay” In Indian Express .It is sad that we have such individuals on our political firmament. This was my reaction after reading this article on Saturday morning. I have never experienced such deep disgust for as person as I felt for Mr. Digvijay Singh.

What is worse is the role that media has played, it has covered more than it has exposed. The photographs published are stating only partial truth. Media as usual has been trying its best to minimise the damage to their favorite Party Congress.

Twitter as has been the case of late has been very active and vocal in condemning Digvijay Singh. Main stream English media is treading cautiously though much more needs to be done by MSM.

This is what Hindustan Times reported Hours before death, Karkare told me his life was in danger: Digvijay This link is posted only for the comments posted online by readers of this newspaper in response to this assertion by Mr. Digvijay Singh.

The purpose of posting this blog is not to influence readers hence I will refrain from passing any judgment other than my opening remarks. It is for the reader of the blog to judge for themselves as what and where we are heading.

The reactions to this claim of Mr. Singh were not late in coming. BJP issued a statement as expected condemning this claim of his. BJP slams Digvijay Singh for Karkare remarks’.

Soon after this was a statement issued by Mrs. Kavita Karkare this link will take you to that article Karkare’s widow slams Digvijay’s comment.

As expected with mounting criticism of Mr. Digvijay Singh Congress was compelled to issue a statement which was just as fictional as Mr Singh claim.Congress distances itself from Digvijay’s remarks on Karkare. As if this statement was enough to close the matter that was not going to die down so soon.

This was a calculated move by Mr. Digvijay Singh to bring to center stage the Secular Vs Communal divide, without which Congress cannot survive, it need this oxygen to win elections. Unfortunately Indians are not responding to such emotive statement as they used to in the past.

Congress is guilty of practicing divisive politics, this is clear to any and every discerning watcher of Indian politics.  Post 26/11, Congress played religious politics: US envoy. These cables establish it beyond any doubt.

This should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind.

Exposed by WikiLeaks : Rahul voiced fears of Hindu terror.True face of Youth Icon. What does Congress have to say now? Digvijay follows the lead given by Rahul Gandhi this an obvious plan to damage India. This is a well thought out statergy to divide Indians.

This is what Mr Swapan Das Gupta had to say in The Pioneer Cong heavyweight’s misplaced zeal –

Digvijay Singh does what Islamists do! Mr.Kanchan Gupta’s Sunday column ‘Coffee Break’ in The Pioneer.

This is background read Apropos of the Digvijay Singh-Hemant Karkare story, what The Hindu published morning of 26 November 2008.

Blog posted on October 13th 2010 What has Diggy said NOW which Didn’t point out then? Just for information.

We have some where along the way given up on all qualities that go to make a human being, our insensitivity toward living and departed has indeed hit the lowest levels. Politics today has come to mean making baseless outrageous claims to the detriment of the Nation and citizens.

Latest Publications on this issue :

However, that need not deter the people of India from castigating him. He has not only insulted the memory of Karkare and treated the nation’s sensitivities with contempt but also sought to sully the image of this country’s Muslims whom the congress treats as alien citizens whose hearts beat for Pakistan.

1.Calculated calumny,

2. Digvijay Singh Stands Exposed as a “Liar”


3.Digvijay Singh vs P Chidambaram – Albela Vs Quick gun Murugan by Rasheed Kidwai.

4. Dear Sonia Gandhi, here’s the gist of DigVijay Singh’s great theory:)

5. This is, of course, not fair to this country’s Muslims. It attempts to mainstream a politics of suspicion — and with the radicalisation of the minority and majority communities at the extreme fringes, we must know the dangers this carries. Reported-Speech.

6. Diggy raja brazens it out, says why should I lie?

7. Now What Mr. Digvijay Singh ibnlive No proof of Karkare calling Digvijaya: Maharashtra Government

8. There is no major threat from ‘saffron terrorists’

The recent controversy over a politician’s remark on ‘Hindu terror’ and another gem of invoking visions of an India [ Images ]n Hitler [ Images ] need to be dismissed with contempt they deserve. The former American Ambassador to India, David Mulford’s comment that Indian politicians can stoop to any level to garner votes is a ringing indictment of this tribe of politicians.

But such is the power of repetition of lies that there is a great danger of these becoming self-fulfilling prophesies and therefore need to be challenged. An even greater reason is that a politician in wilderness (and a former chief minister) has insinuated that (just like Pakistan) ‘saffron’ terror has infiltrated even the Indian armed forces. He approvingly quotes the example of a lone wolf rogue officer who is alleged to have got involved in terrorist acts. In the interest of national security, these wild assertions need to be challenged.

 Latest update as on 22nd Jan 2013

And the Congress owes the nation an apology for having inflicted such a demonstrably incompetent sycophant in so important a portfolio as the Home Ministry and for putting India’s security on the line and the lives of ordinary Indians in grave danger.






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