May 24, 2019

LOTUS: Congress need to learn from HISTORY

Congress party leaders have a lot to learn from HISTORY. What PM Modi said yesterday is not for the sake of it. Congress was not even born when the Independence movement started. Bahadur Shah Zafar had his own flag and Rani Laxmi Bai had her own. They did not fight for the Flag to make it look SECULAR.

LOTUS was prominently placed on the Flag. Yes the First War of Independence.


LOTUS has deep roots and it has been shining for ages. The language used by many in opposition is only a proof of frustration. 44 now next stop ???? Probably the MODIJI doesn’t know but Congress does know.

As if Corruption by UPA 1 and 2 was not enough, now Congress party is giving Big Bazaar kind of scheme in UP. Buy one get one free, by doing a tie UP with Samajwadi Party in UP. To some extent congressi are right and BJP and MODIji needs to learn from them.

They are the first one to be involved in SCAM. Started with JEEP with plenty of milestone like BOFORS, and multiple G’s enroute. In between there was a speed breaker even in the form EMERGENCY. A party who did not leave the Martyr’s and landed up creating a ADARSH has to look inwards. What started with JEEP has now slowed down and has become eco friendly, hence, the landing on SPs bicycle.

You hit MODI thousands times, he will hit once and it will be HARD. Having typed this word just realised Hardik is new face of Shiv Sena. No matter how many masks they may put, a true MAHARASHTRIAN will not like great Bala Sahab philosophy to be distorted. He never compromised no matter what the situation was. Results shall speak.


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