May 24, 2019

Congress’ Sunday Syndrome : Goa Gone, Manipur Out of Bounds

Saturday tsuNaMo(tsunami) caused lot of discomfort to the Congress party. Debacle in Uttarakhand and dismal performance in UP was so unsettling that they decided to cool their heels on Sunday (March 12th 2017). BJP party acted swiftly and stitched up the alliance required to stake claim in Goa and Manipur is all within reach. Relaxing on Sunday has proved to be costly. This makes me wonder what Prince Clown was doing all this while. Smacking his lips for “Made in Lucknow” mangoes (curse AamSutra!!) or curling up on “Made in Amethi” bed sheets? Was he planning his next foreign trip? Election fatigue is too taxing!! It’s unfair to blame Rahul. He needs a break. If Congress needs to survive, the idea of Rahul-Mukt-Congress has to be gain traction.

_20170313_161105Vishwajit Rane, Congress MLA from Goa, has quit the party in disgust over Goa post poll mismanagement. His disillusion is palpable. If Congress would have catered to demands of Goa Forward Party in time, they would be sitting comfortably now. Usage of terms like “Murder of Democracy”by congress does not hold good. The mandate was fractured in both Goa and Manipur. There have been numerous instances where the single largest party was not invited to form the government. The governor needs to see who has the majority to form stable government. In 1993, the governor did not invite BJP, the single largest party, SP-BSP combine formed the government. In 2002, despite being the single largest party, National Conference, did not get a chance to form government. PDP-Congress formed the government in Jammu and Kashmir. It’s ironical that Chidambaram is crying foul now. Was his conscience sleeping in 2002? Congress cannot live with the fact that they have beaten black and blue in all forms of political warfare. BJP has clearly out maneuvered them!


With Goa already in the kitty, BJP has shown how things are done. Ram Madhav is camping in _20170313_161044Imphal to make sure the numbers are in place for government formation. The way Goa was handled by Congress and the modus operandi of BJP in securing Goa and Manipur speaks a lot about the leadership approach of both parties. The deadwood in the party like Digvijay Singh needs axing. He singlehandedly botched up Congress’ chances in Goa. Congress would be better off without Digvijay Singh’s “Rai” (opinion).

Picture Credit: Screen shots from Twitter, ANI screen shots. Thanks to all.


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