April 24, 2019

Congress- Uneasy of Doing Business

World Bank’s ‘Ease of doing business’ has thrown a spanner in the Congress Campaign which centered around bashing BJP on the negative growth narrative .

In a way the World Bank report on ‘Ease of doing business’ has given credence to BJP’s often reiterated position that the dip in GDP is a temporary aberration . No wonder the Congress scrambled to keep its narrative alive, even going to the extent of calling the World Bank report as ‘Fixed’ .

The Congress renewed social media outreach that was chugging along smoothly churning out content that aggressively targeted the policies of the government and highlighting the shortcomings , suddenly seems to have hit a wall . While the ‘pidi’ tweet by Rahul Gandhi was demolished by a tweet by BJP’s Himanta Biswa Sarma who tweeted , ” Sir @OfficeOfRG, who knows him better than me. Still remember you busy feeding biscuits 2 him while We wanted to discuss urgent Assam’s issues” , and we all know what happened to Assam .

Another tweet from the Finance Minister Arun Jaitly literally nailed the Congress to the wall , he had this to say – “The difference between the UPA and NDA- “The ease of doing corruption has been replaced by the ease of doing business” .

Own goals by Congress Campaign managers did not end there . In a crucial poll bound state , home to a stalwart of the Independence movement belonging to influential Patel community to be neglected on his birth Anniversary is nothing short of digging one’s own grave . Indira Gandhi has always overshadowed Sardar Vallabhai Patel every year on 31st October,  this year they could have given importance to Vallabhai Patel to score some brownie points in Gujarat , but unfortunately Congress fretted away a golden opportunity much to the delight of BJP .

Retweeting a fake photography of an officer touching the Home Minister’s feet . Hiring a news portal to hurl wild allegations against the BJP party President . Deploying bots to artificially enhance social media presence . And various such goof-ups go to show that Congress social media outreach is now officially – ‘Social Media Overreach’.

Congress is best advised not to worry too much about ‘Ease of doing business’ and better start worrying about ‘Ease of Winning Elections’ because the way Gujarat is shaping up, a debacle there might well ensure that they may never find it ‘Easy’ winning elections , except for the Presidential elections of Indian National Congress.


Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter , DNA


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