May 20, 2019

Constitutional Amendments

There is a growing disenchantment among the cultural Hindutva supporters regarding the failure of the 56 inch Modi government. The perception is that the Modi government has done next to nothing for the Hindu cause and is not even putting sufficient efforts to send the corrupt to jails. The supporters seem to be hoping against hope that there would be some grand master plan implemented at the right moment to restart the Modi wave of 2013. Every cultural Hindutva supporters know that once the Secular parties come to power, it will be a deadly blow to the cause of Hindus taking the society towards a secular hell. There is a growing sense of desperation and also sky high expectations.

To pick up the case of the cultural right wing, there may not always be a need for the constitutional amendments. The Modi government at times seems to be more worried about saving its face and in some cases acts in your face, creating confusion in the public mind about its capabilities. Various actions that the government can take to enthuse the cultural supporters might include the freeing the temples, bringing the heritage back to our nation, reducing the minority budget and increasing economic weaker section budget, banning soul predators, reducing the alien ideology aid, etc. The government can quickly do a lot for these items and a few more, which might reduce the powers of the opponents of the cultural Hindutva guys on the ground.

The fear of getting an order stayed and blocked by the myopic judiciary seems to be giving secular nightmares to the alleged Hindutva political leaders. The courts are made a mockery, by criminals and cases are dragged on for years. The government too should give the same medicine to the courts over the cultural issues. It is always not possible to sort the issues using words or talks and alternate methods might have to be used to achieve the ends. The congress allegedly has begun the joke of a process called impeachment of the CJI for not toeing their line and this is called commitment to an agenda. Such commitment deserves appreciation even though it is dangerous for the nation; the congress always takes care of its vote banks and the money bags.

The differences of opinion among the BJP supporters are too huge. When some were angry that the bigot Aamir wanted to play Krishna in Mahabharata others were appreciative of this move by Aamir. When some were happy about Yogi killing criminals others advised Yogi to concentrate on bringing the criminals to justice. When some got angry with Fadnavis singing songs, others praised the CM’s commitment towards the state and solving water issues. When some supporters speak about the cultural issues and constitutional parity others want discussions only about economics. With such a large variety of supporters it becomes impossible for a party to satisfy anyone and hence BJP has the mastered the art of making everyone unhappy. Hence the Congress and the entire breed of Secular parties squeeze the ordinary life out of the citizens and then give little as a kind gesture making the Stockholm Syndrome do the rest.

Coming to the constitutional amendment part, the Congress does every amendment to suit its twin groups called vote banks and money bags. But the BJP cannot do the same and this is the biggest grouse of most of the party’s supporters. People blame the BJP for not investing the political capital for cultural issues but the party was more than happy to invest in bringing the biggest economic reform called the GST. The point to remember is that the public analyses the BJP in a different than it analyses the congress. Works which are considered acceptable for Congress would not be acceptable if the same were done by the BJP. The recent case of inducting of one Naresh Aggarwal of UP is a display of a rare killer instinct by BJP was mocked by a few supporters.

Hindus are having a large amount of inferiority complex and most of them hope to be abused by the government and the collective group feels proud to suffer for the cause of nation. But as caste groups, each group wants something more and the leaders are more than happy to add fuel to the burning desire of the people to gain more when in reality the more is only the need for fair treatment by the government. But to get a statutory protection from the government a constitutional amendment is needed and it requires support from the various alleged secular parties and it might not be available for any issue that brings parity among the citizens. The GST got passed by the secular parties in the hope that it might harm the BJP’s poll prospects. Many crucial amendments/bills would not be allowed in the Rajya Sabha because it might help the BJP in one way or the other. As said before the performance measures for BJP and Congress are extremes and the public knows quite well the ordinary stand of the BJP and the other parties.

The secular parties are mostly worried about the Islamic men and the Padres. The ordinary voices of the members of the two minority communities that vote en block are not even an issue for the secular parties. The non-BJP parties do the bidding of these groups of people and serve their interests at the cost of the nation and to change it the BJP needs huge numbers in both the houses. Even though the constitution has provisions to solve this issue, the various allies may not like to bring in extra ordinary measures and the conditions self-imposed by the BJP on itself does not permit to do the bidding of the Hindus inside the parliament even though in public it makes loud noises about the Hindu issues. Desperate times call for desperate measures and the BJP still believes that there is time for action and we all hope that the BJP has the concern of the Hindus at the center of its policy decisions. So far in any of its actions, reactions it appears that the BJP is more hell bent on appeasing those who might never vote for it.

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