April 20, 2019

Corrupt and Corruption not recognising Differently abled Merit – Part 2

By NewsNViews Staff

Continuing with the pursuit to find the truth and also providing equal opportunity, not only to the complainant but also to the institution, We at NewsNViews have send the follow questionnaire, to Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), Department of Agriculture Research and Education (DARE) and Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI)

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  1. Was any email send by Sh. Pankaj Kumar, SAO, to the Director, IVRI, regarding Cancellation/ Postponement of LDCE while proceeding on LTC?
  1. If yes, what was the reason for same?
  1. Was Vigilance Clearance sought before the examination? If yes, was it covered under any rules/procedure by CVC/DOPT?
  1. Under which DOPT guideline/rules marks for APAR were calculated for LDCE 2013 in case of Sh. Naseer Ahmed, AAO, Establishment-I ?
  1. Whether the file of disciplinary proceedings against Sh. Arun Verma, Assistant, was imitated from Establishment-I or Establishment-II? Was it as per rule/procedure?
  1. Was any show cause notice/memorandum served to Sh. Arun Verma, Assistant, before calling him in front of the Committee for statement?
  1. Under whose possession is the Leave Account of Sh. Arun Verma, Assistant? Is it present or missing?
  1. Whether any legitimate diaryry dispatch entries of APAR of Sh. Arun Verma, Assistant, are available?
  1. On which date the APAR was filled by Reporting Officer, reviewed on which date and on which date it was received in CR Cell? If the APAR of Sh. Arun Verma was filled in earlier date, why it was kept in abeyance by Reporting/Reviewing Officers.
  1. Were the guidelines of DOPT/GoI followed in context of APAR of the government officials? If yes, kindly mention the OM number.
  1. Are the marks scored in written examination declared till this date i.e 30.6.2016? Which officers knew about the marks of written examination and from when?
  1. Whether the difference of written marks between topper and second topper is 3.50? If yes and if marks are not yet disclosed then how this information got leaked?
  1. Whether Sh. Arun Verma, Assistant, awarded honorarium for his services in implementation/ working for MIS-FMS System?
  1. Was any written advisory/memorandum issued to Sh. Arun Verma, Assistant by his APAR Reporting/Reviewing Officer?
  1. If no, then what is the reason of degrading APAR from Outstanding (8.0/10) (in FY-2014-15, at Finance Wing) to Very Good (in FY 2015-16, at Finance Wing).
  1. Is the copy of APAR for FY 2015-16 communicated to Sh. Arun Verma, Assistant to pursue a representation of APAR? If no, then whether it is known that this is against various Supreme Court Judgments and DOPT OM No. 21011/1/2005-Estt (A)(Pt-II) dated 23rdJuly, 2009?

With a request to reply by 22nd July’ .

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