January 20, 2019

Cot and Cacophony of Clown Prince

In the wake of upcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab there is an unprecedented focus on Dalit causes and plight of farmers. Their concerns were deemed non existent earlier. Jignesh Mewani is the new kid on the block raising the decibel for dalits. Farmers and their woes – they always have been exploited to the hilt for political motives .

“Cot-neeti” has been introduced by none other than Clown Prince of Indian Politics. By holding numerous Khaat Sabhas and speaking about Kisaan Budget an attempt is being made by naive Prince to woo votes of farmers. Waiving of farm loans has always been used as an electioneering tool. Economic fallout of such waivers is detrimental to fiscal health of the economy. Moreover, these waivers augment bad farm loans. Willful default of farm loans happens and the defaulters just wait for some political party to waive off the loans.

Crop Insurance is one of the ways to help farmers in dealing with unpredictable monsoon . Farm credit needs to be channelized so that it reaches the expected recipient. Improvement in farming techniques and usage of good quality seeds will empower the farmers. Loan waivers and Khaat theatricality won’t solve the perennial problem of farmers.

Picture Courtesy : Navbharat Times

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