April 24, 2019

Count down Begins – Arnab’s Republic

Nation Wants to know

Starting his career with The Telegraph in 1994 to last in Times Now, what Arnab has achieved is much more than all the experience and respect put together of the journalists that he has worked with.

As the launch date of REPUBLIC comes near, expectation grows to know more about how the maiden venture of Arnab would be like. The benchmark is NATION WANTS TO KNOWNo doubt the number of fans Arnab has got are huge and their expectations are varied.

To put all the expectations to broadly two category, One – will it be routine one with high Decibel Level and Two – Low Decibel Level yet powerful. Besides the viewers who are candid in sharing their views (good and bad) on his show, his haters would be more eager to see the launch. So additional TRP is assured and more action on Twitter.

arnabWhat else, more than the viewers I guess his old colleagues and seniors right from Prannav Roy, Barkha, Rajdeep etc would be looking forward to itUS though with lot of hatred. After all it’s not about Arnab. It’s about a BRAND. How many of his seniors and peers can raise funds for their media business today? No sane VC or even a HNI would take the risk. The brand value is created over the years.

If we are talking about Donald Trump getting the same treatment from media just like NaMo, we should also remember Arnab has got his own share of hatred from his contemporaries in India and overseas.

Hatred without substance only makes hero, no matter what the field and who the person is. Having said that I look forward to REPUBLIC DAY PARADE on REPUBLIC.

“I have placed my belief in people of India,  is for the Public It is Voice of the Public..: Arnab”.

All the Best.

Picture Credit: Screenshots from Twitter, WhatsApp, Mid-Day


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