April 19, 2019

CoupMaster (CM) vs SphereHead (SH)

Phobias, as CM says, are often not based on reality. In his article As Modi focuses on the poor, India’s rich are powerless & fearful,  CM says it all without saying the most important things. Here SH tries to deconstruct the hidden meanings of the CM’s statements to suit agenda of SH just like CM always does deconstruction of other people’s statements to suit the agenda of his empress.

CM: “…. The relative power of the two varies, depending on just one variable: the strength of the government in Delhi….”

SH: Radia Tapes are for real and the weaker the government, the CM and his ilk have great time in doing the dirty work or be the errand boys and girls for the Lords of Delhi and Mumbai(DM).


CM: “….  Indian entrepreneurship and the financial world still pretty much controlled by a small ecosystem of friends and families,….. ”

SH: The Luytens Ecosystem exists and so do the big crony capitalists and right now they are not feeling happy as their powers are being chipped by outside guys.


SH: It doesn’t change.

CM: If it doesnot change, there is no need for retelling this story. CM, of all people of the ecosystem, when you are saying this story is itself an indication that things are changing according to the script of the government and not the ecosystem.

CM: “…… for the first and last time ever; and unabashed Hindu Right, when the BJP won a full majority without even one minority Muslim or Christian MP elected.”

SH: In politics there is no reservations based on religion and this is one good thing about democracy. If Muslim or Christian political workers donot agree to the ideology of the BJP, it is their problem. Before CM could imagine another Coup, how many Hindu, Christian and Muslim MPs in other parties got elected?

CM:  “Mumbai can usually find its way around any political establishment. It knows the tactics and instruments. It also has patience,….”

SH: The CM here distinguishes between the good tactics and bad tactics. He is telling the business men to support the ecosystem and empress to topple the current government. The CoupMaster just stops of short of telling that Sonia is the empress of the ecosystem and was the source for policy paralysis, denial of environmental clearances or fuel linkages after they had borrowed billions and put plants on the ground.


CM: They wanted a functional, pro-business government.

SH: A functional pro-business and pro-rule of law government exists and this caused some uneasiness to the crony ones who are finding it difficult to work based on rules and not feed the misrule.

CM: “where India’s old capitalism comes from, there isn’t much love lost for Muslims…… and show the Muslims their place?”

SH: If this is the ideological mindset of the old capitalist, then the fear instilled by the government should be a good one and their perceived loss of power is the best thing that can happen. But the CM let his mind slip. The BJP has made a Muslim the President of India and now has made a Dalit the President of India. And I say with great care that Sonia had shown Dalits their place by not meeting the current President. I say with great care because I have searched the net “Sonia Gandhi meeting ramnath kovind:” and there is no photo available in google to prove this but Rahul has met and there are photos. The place of a person is dependent on his actions and not what others think.

CM: “Corporate India got more involved in ‘Mission Modi………. Old-timers say the fear is like in the months of V.P. Singh’s raid raj.”

SH: CM should give the evidences to the EC a constitutional body to ensure there is equality but the errant boy of the empress only wants to tell the Mumbai that it has to support the ecosystem and its empress to get out of the raid raj that he thinks exists even though there have been no raids.


CM: “….. positive factor with the Modi government is that lobbying mostly doesn’t work in Delhi any more. His isn’t a government that believes it owes anybody anything. Big business doesn’t like it….. “

SH: The CM implies that good corruption should be permitted and eco system would help protect the good corrupt and they should be the errant boys between the two republics.

CM: “Tax terrorism of today, ……………..”

SH: The CM finds terrorism in Taxation but doesnot find the same in islam and Christianity.

CM: “…… and are still putting money for him in electoral bonds – is worse than anything they remember, they say.”

SH: CM seems to be insulted by the surrender of the Mumbai to the tax terrorism. Instead of fighting like the great Islamic terrorists of Kashmir or the Christian terrorists of the north east Mumbai is paying ransom to Delhi and this is not good news for the Lords of DM and their empress whose coffers are emptying at a very rapid rate and the scope for good corruption is reducing with each state elections.

CM: “Industry associations and chambers CII, FICCI, and Assocham have very little clout or persuasive power left.”

SH: CM should be happy that atleast someone is shown their place by the BJP and has not gone as per the bigotry of the capitalists who wanted Muslims to be shown their place. The CM doesnot seem to be too happy at the turn of the events. It makes me wonder whether the CM wanted the Muslims be shown their place so that the Empress or her half wit kid become the messiah of muslims.

CM: “….The rot in the system was known for at least three years, but left too late to be resolved…..”

SH: The CM has never once questioned Sonia about the rot in the decade of decay and who was the source of the rot in the system.

CM: “… First, the change at the top in the Reserve Bank of India.”

SH: The top of the RBI was the party to the rot and he cannot be part of the solution except for being prosecuted or becoming the whistle blower of the agents behind the rot.

CM: “… The system had not been prepared for any of these changes, and therefore, got fully consumed in dealing with these.”

SH: GST was a fairly good decent implementation considering the amount of mistakes the government does. The failure of the system to solve the question paper leaks and a several other leaks is an indication of the presence of the complex web between the Lords of DM, Empress, Ecosystem.

CM:”The bank bad-debt resolution was kept for the government’s last year.”

SH: Nobody wanted to happen it this way and if the BJP has talked abou the bank debt created by Sonia, the empress of the errand boy CM, then our economy would have tanked and might have taken more time to recover. The tanking of the economy is what the Empress and eco system expected.

CM: “Today’s stress and distress are a combination of all these factors: of being dumped by the political establishment you thought was your own, tax terror and frozen credit.”

SH: It is really wonderful that the CM forgets that the problems of the bank issues are their own making and there is no easy money to his Lords of DM and the empress is standing naked in the ecosystem. This seems to be hurting the errand boys and girls more than anything. Had the CM talked as loudly as he talks about fake church attacks, the Lords and DM would have behaves well during the Decade of Decay.


CM: “….when good corporates are seeing profits and demand rise. ………..”

SH: CM doesnot tell what is good corporate as he doesnto talk about good corruption.

CM: “In this environment, everybody is over-correcting, from banks to borrowers to RBI.”

SH: A system that has failed in its obligation but served the interests of the outsiders like the Lords of DM, Empress and the ecosystem, it makes sense that is making some adjustments.

CM: “..The silent new governor was never allowed (or chose not to allow himself) to build the stature for the job.”

SH: The job of governor of RBI is to see the financial health of Rupee and Banking system and not about the fake intolerances in the society. The stature of the Governor is due to his post and his past experience and not his current lectures where he makes some 50+ ladies oogle at him.

CM: “The big, rich guy’s biggest fear isn’t bankruptcy, but the police.”

SH: The police has never acted and has even let the Mallyas and Modi out of India. The Lords of DM know quite well how the system works and how to handle the ecosystem to get the desired results. They have always mainted good relations with the Empress and hence had nothing to fear in the might is right system. With the current rule based system, fear is good.

CM: “Phobias rise not from reality, but illusion.”

SH: Dear CM, with all humbleness, wake up to the reality.

CM: “…PSU banks are in a mess…. The Modi government also needs some big private sector trophies to affirm its anti-corruption credentials before the polls…… The whistleblower’s 2016 letter……”

SH: CM you have not talked about this letter in a big way after you have started talk The whistleblower’s 2016 letter the way you talked about the non-existent Coup. Had you alarmed the ecosystem about the good corruption, then things would not have come to this situation and you could have shown the corrupt their real place. But for that the empress should go to jail which you cannot even dream. Whether the head of the ICICI will land up in jail or in England is anybody’s guess because she is part of the ecosystem and CM has already set the template for protection scheme.

From the various issues talked by the CM, the following conclusions can be made:

  • CM wants the Lords of DM to back the empress and the ecosystem to escape from the raid raj and the tax terrorism.
  • CM wants Muslims to suffer so that the half wit kid could become their savior.
  • CM did not want the government to pursue any reforms as the system was never ready and wanted the continuance of the older systems.
  • CM differentiates between good corruption and bad corruption but never clearly says about the difference in-spite of claiming to know about them.
  • By becoming the voice of the empress the CM has turned out to be a errand boy. He is not simple but one of the most powerful errand boys, because as the name itself suggests, he the CM.

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