February 19, 2019

Crows dont feast on Crow Meat

this information has been collated from social media

There is a sense of satisfaction in the vindication of our opposition to MOU signed by GOI with NDTV.

Screen shot posted below speaks volumes why this MOU with NDTV should not have been signed.


this information has been collated from social media
                                                                    This information has been collated from Social Media

The subject company only mentions its aspiration, does not disclose its performance.

Sources of it funding are not pristine, further scrutiny of the funder could reveal much more, mainstream media has remained silent. The genuine media has been vocal on this issue, we have taken the lead in expressing opposition to GOI’s action.





It’s never easy to criticize those whom one supports but when the need arose, we did not remain silent or buried our head in the sand, hoping the storm will blow over without causing much damage, in hindsight our unrelenting pressure leading to rescinding of the MoU has possibly saved the GOI many blushes in future, we have managed through our action to assist our Prime Minister to maintain his image spotlessly clean.

Our Prime Minister in return has acted with alacrity that he is known for. The severe criticism of GOI has not been ignored, GOI is alive to the sentiments of its supporters.

The country is indeed in safe hands.  When the public speak it ‘s not dismissed as cacophony but treated with the due seriousness it deserve. This has never been witnessed in all the years with all the union governments that we have voted to office.

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