March 22, 2019

Cultural RW

Every environmental activist, animal rights activist, financial activist, human rights activists should be jumping with joy as several illegal businesses are getting closed in the UP. But this does not seem to be happening since the closure is being enforced by a saffron clad yogi from the BJP and the actions are within the limits of the laws of the land. In a neighboring state a white clothed CM has prohibited liquor in the entire state with a large number of people landing in jail has made our great pseudo intellectuals to jumping in silence at the acts of their pet CM.

There is one other person who is jumping with joy and a twitter user rightly pointed this a few days back. Yogi could do all that Modi ever wanted because Yogi is having space to do as he chooses because he is covered by all respects but Modi does not have this privilege. All RWingers except the cultural RW would get angry with Modi if anything is done to serve the cultural agenda of the nation. There would be reams of papers and articles explaining why cultural agenda is bad for implementation and should have remained just election rhetoric. These are the same people who demand all other things in the election manifesto in the name of big bang reforms and want them to be implemented yesterday.

Modi has been speaking about pink revolution from a very long time and no BJP CM including himself has been as truthful and as committed as Yogi in this issue in implementation. With 1/6 of Indian population under his belt if Yogi could curb the menace of illegal slaughter houses, a lot of work would have been achieved. The non cultural-RW should have known about Pareto analysis and thus without working in UP, the pink revolution cannot be stopped. One other state where pink revolution has to be stopped is Bengal where a jihadi-didi is working very hard to keep the radicals happy at the expense of the so called moderates and poor Indians. If Yogi sustains his actions against the illegal slaughter houses for a few more months, then definitely Modi has much to cheer about and go to the people about completing one cultural agenda. One tick mark at a time.

Modi has always talked about respect to mothers and sisters and but there is a class of people who rejoice in naming women as bitches and sluts which for them is a means of getting out of the patriarchy shackles. The security of women has become an increasing concern and the eve teasing cases are only increasing. The crimes against women are viewed through colored glasses and outrages/noises are produced based on the suitability of anti-India, anti-BJP agenda. With an inept police that usually dances to the tunes of the local politicians, Yogi having the home portfolio of the state with him could ensure that the police act in a rightful manner within the ambit of the law. Again the Pareto methodology would ensure that the effect spills over into other states. With increasing competition among states in ease of doing business, safety and security in general and woman’s safety in particular would become an much more important criterion as a development indicator. One more tick mark.

If Yogi could sustain his act with respect these two issues, Modi would continues to Jump with Joy but there would be one other lady who would have a smile on her face. The lady would be our Bharat Mata who was all the time crying seeing her children suffer at the hands of the people who have scant regard and respect for their fellow citizens. Basic civic sense is missing because of the confidence that there is always a way out and the law had too long arms which allowed people to escape if the criminals had enough right kind of connections. The lessons from UP would travel far and wide and would have a profound effect on the entire nation. Who better than Modi knows this and a good start has been made and Yogi should keep up the work. Whether the work is good or bad lies in the eyes of the viewer but the judgment of the same would be told by the people on the street and not the ones in the studios.

Modi always used to say, unless UP changes, India cannot change and now it is upon Yogi to deliver India the change the cultural Bharatiyas have been anticipating. One CM doing something for the cultural RW, then all others will simply follow because it is the cultural RW that have been steadfast with the BJP while all other kinds of RW are simply migratory birds. The non cultural RW would lecture about the importance of development, growth, jobs, etc but nobody will say why the crimes upon women in particular are increasing even in the prosperous nations and also in our prosperous neighborhood. Cultural RW is the only voice that needs to be heard because all other noises are the inherent duty of the governments of the day. Cultural agenda of the RW usually gets lost in the cacophony and gets covered in myriad layers of constitutional minority appeasing secularism and hence more work needs to be done to deliver a little bit of results.

The developed nations are rotting under materialism and hollow ideologies and hollow indices are used to show that they are better off. Nobody would like to live in gutters but peace necessarily does not come from living in Luyten’s bungalow. The agenda of cultural RW is important because none of the other RW could tell the reasoning of the creation of the intolerance debate. It is becoming increasingly necessary to defend the cultural aspects of our lives from the tyranny of the secular government Hope the change start from Yogi who is bound by Dharma to lead and what a chance to lead the change of revival. This is too much to expect, but under the current circumstances, even everything is nothing.

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