April 20, 2019

Culture of Protest: A Disproportionate Tale of Dissent

A seminar organized by Literary Society of the Delhi Univeristy affiliated Ramjas College, called “Cultures of Protest: Unveiling the state- regions in conflict” was cancelled due to protests by ABVP. This made headlines because “Umar Khalid” was one of the designated speakers of the seminar. Tarek Fatah, an author and columnist from Canada, gets manhandled at Delhi Urdu Festival. Abuses hurled at Fatah did not breach the “Threshold” of Liberals and Intellectuals. No outrage. A seditionist, Umar Khalid, makes headlines because his seminar was cancelled. A case of misplaced and prejudiced priorities? Why undue importance is being attached to likes of Umar Khalid, Kanhaiya Kumar and Nivedita Menon? Because fuelling discord and anti- nation rant is the new form of “Liberalism”. “Secession” is the spice of their life. Yasin Malik is welcomed into television studios to utter banalities on stone pelting and non-violent movement.

A former JNU leader Shehla Rashid is denied the right to dissent. FIR is lodged against her for her opinions about Prophet. Prophet is sacrosanct but Durga is not. Kashyap can make “Sexy Durga”, but he cannot exercise cinematic liberties with Prophet. His “Rajput” bravery roars occasionally. When it comes to Prophet, he would just piss in his pants. Bravery finds escape route. He fears he might end up with Charlie Hebdo cartoonists in heaven. A cleric announces bounty on heads of Tarek Fatah and Subhash Chandra and enjoys freedom. No legal action against him. Does law become “Zilch” when it comes to Muslim Clerics? Taslima Nasreen bats for Uniform Civil Code at Jaipur Literature Festival and faces protests from fundamentalists. Organizers are considering banning her from future events. Why rationality is amiss? Selective dissent should be dissed.

When state gets involved in fuelling discord, nothing could be more dangerous. Telangana government has announced financial help to Non- Hindu drivers for getting cars with Uber. This is bound to instigate discontent and alienation. Manmohan Singh’s theory of Muslims’ right to claim on natural resources was not enough. Telangana government pushed the innovation button with Uber. Akhilesh government has gone one step ahead with Cemeteries and electrification. Disparity is being promoted for electoral politics.

Protests should be directed against disparity. Why are such protests missing? God’s own country becomes Goon’s own country due to spiraling crime rate and protests are missing. I do not see likes of Umar Khalid and Kanhaiyya protesting against social evils and vices that plague our society. They are busy playing into hands of secessionists and political opportunists.

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