May 23, 2019

#CycleCoup: Pedaling into Deeper Crisis

Little did Mulayam Singh Yadav know what the new year will hold for him. In a brilliantly orchestrated coup, Ram Gopal Yadav ensured emergence of Akhilesh as National President and MSY was elevated to the role of “Margdarshak”. “Margdarshak” is an euphemism for being made redundant in political context. The widening chasm between the old guard and young lot came out in the open. Hooliganism is the new Samajwaad!. Party cadre exhibited Samajwaad in full display. The fight over party symbol “Cycle” has reached Election Commission doors. Announcement of election dates can happen anytime. EC, at best, could freeze the party symbol and ask both faction to go to polls with a different set of symbols. A symbolic truce? May be not. Tipu had to unseat his father to become Sultan of SP.

The current family feud spells nothing but doom for SP. Mayawati would be salivating for Muslim votes. Amit Shah is having the last laugh. The discomfort which demonetization caused is forgotten in high decibel SP drama. More drama is expected to unfold in days to come. A new list of SP’s party candidates would mean unhappiness for some disenchanted aspirants. They would be easily available for grabs by rival BJP and BSP. Free movement of candidates across parties is not new. What matters is the prospect of winning. While the party is pedaling into deeper crisis, a BJP – BSP tussle is expected. Who comes out as a winner will depend on the electorate. Will the electorate choose development over parochial votebank casteist agenda? Imam Bukhari has snubbed SP and has urged Muslims to take revenge from SP by choosing another alternative. No prizes for guessing the alternative. It depends upon BJP how they propel the development plank.

The wheels of fortune are unlikely to turn in Cycle’s favor. The “Elephant” has an excess baggage. Will the Lotus bloom ? It should bloom to end UP’s gloom!!

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