May 23, 2019

#DangaDidi: Dhulagarh and Secular Dharma

In 2014 Lok Sabha election campaigns Didi termed Modi as “Danga Babu” alluding to 2002 Gujarat riots. Given Didi’s apathy towards Dhulagarh riots, it would not be inappropriate to coin the term “Danga Didi” for MamtaDi. Her administration practiced “Secular Dharma” and left people to the mercy of mob. It’s time to move over “Raj Dharma” and embrace “Secular Dharma”.

This new found dharma is a panacea for all social and political ills. Use it as a political tool, forge unholy alliances for vote shares, and trounce the opponents. Gag the press if they try to bring uncomfortable truth to the forefront.

The FIR against Sudhir Chaudhury of Zee News is the case in point. No spectacle of solidarity by journalist fraternity because they too walk the tight rope of diabolical dharma. Followers of this new age dharma get ethereal powers. Dub any routine mock drill by army as an attack on federal structure and get away with it. Defame economic policy decisions as financial emergency and add a “scam ” topping to it. Swing wild charges, propagate falsehood and concoct catchy phrases (Pay to Modi) for news mongers. This dharma’s inclusiveness is so unique that it allows Rohingya Muslims work permits in Jammu but Hindu refugees from West Pakistan Region have to fight tooth and nail to secure domicile certificates. Hindus have to seek court intervention to celebrate festival (Durga Pooja) if festivities run the risk of overlapping with Muslim festivals.

A Supreme Court monitored SIT / judicial commission should be instituted to probe into Dhulagarh riots. The sooner, the better so that evidences and witnesses are not tampered. Let Didi cry intrusion and attack on “Federal Structure”. West Bengal is not her fiefdom. She has done enough “Poriborton” to demographics of Bengal through shameless appeasement.

Picture Credit: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti


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