April 19, 2019

Datagiri.. Musings of a Layman

A fortnight back I was pestered by the marketing guys at Reliance Digital outlet, they implored me to try JIO, a free SIM offered by Ambani led Reliance. I refused as I was pretty happy with the Services offered by my present operator.

And then came the blockbuster offer on 1st September – free voice calls and free msgs, charges only on data and that too at highly discounted prices, Super fast net speed. And then the icing on the cake – free everything for the next 3 months.
Move over ‘Kabali’, ‘Ambani’ is here.

Twitter was agog, so was social media. RIP’s of other telecom operators started doing the rounds. The discussion was all about the world’s biggest ‘Startup’ offering the world’s cheapest tariff.

On my way back from office I stopped over at the Reliance Digital outlet and was taken aback to see a serpentine queue, upon enquiry I was told that the mad rush was for SIM cards. Dejected, I decide to try the next day.
The next day, the queue was even bigger, and to this day I am yet to get my JIO SIM (I haven’t stopped trying though).

Why JIO?
The minions at Reliance are bang on. The era of smartphone is upon us, these phones have become a inseparable appendage of our urban populace. With affordable Smartphones flooding the market, sales in rural areas have also perked up.
Similarly, telecom penetration is almost complete, ever nook and corner of the country is serviced by telecom operators. We now live in a connected world.

Most smartphone users are adept at voice over internet. By making available, fast and affordable DATA, it’s a matter of time before voice calls become redundant. JIO has only hastened the process.

JIO has effected a tectonic shift in the telecom sphere. Instead of waiting for the eventual and inevitable migration from the conventional VOICE & MSG based revenue model to DATA model, JIO has staked everything on DATA and in all probability will emerge unscathed.

The competition can whine and harp, gang up against JIO, refuse interconnect and create legal hurdles,  but the writing on the wall is clear, ‘Compete or Perish’. DATAGIRI is here to stay.

Only time will tell whether AMBANI will laugh all his way to the bank, but Indians are laughing all their way to the JIO outlet.


Article by @bobsimhan

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