April 23, 2019

Dear Bekar Patel, “GUESS”

The credentials of Bekar Patel is obvious because he is in a top position of the one of the most fraudulent industries in the world. The industry can be classified as Gossip / Rumor manufacturing and never sees any kind of slow down. The growth rate of this industry is mostly uptrend with orders received from every corner of the world. The higher the order value, the better is the quality of the output.

A bit of details of myself, I am a stupid or blind or bigoted citizen and to add more adjectives a Hindutva vadi and imaginary saffron terrorist or a Hindutva Taliban. I am an upper caste, Brahmin and a supporter of the mass murderer modi and also a supporter of shooter of the mythical father of the nation. Also I am an Indian Hindu who is part of the majority community who want to follow the constitution.

Firstly I want to salute you speaking the truth. “Dear Muslim, How are you doing? Wait! Don’t tell me. I’ll guess.” The author has dared the unimaginable and for the first time declared that this writing is not based on real ground data but is a product of his industry. I hope that his business associated do not take him to task for revealing the top secrets of his highly successful business.

Since the article is based on guess, countering it would be a highly challenging task. Since I am a lot of adjectives, it becomes important to be true to at least to a few of them and will make an honest attempt to counter them with the same tool used by the author which is “GUESS”.

The honest author has put the following four questions and I will use the same tool and answer as a constitution abiding Indian Muslim (CAIM) and a Constitution Rejecting Indian Muslim (CRIM). People like separatists, radical maulvis, naxalites, militants, etc who do not accept the primary of the constitution including a few judges of the of SC are Constitution Rejecting Indian (CRI) and if they belong to the Muslim community they are the CRIM.

  • How are you doing?
  • how ARE you doing?

CAIM: We are actually doing fine seeing the overall global scenario and we are enjoying the full rights. Recently the honorable courts of our country have freed our women from the clutches of the bigoted religious preachers and given them a fresh lease of life.

CRIM: We are feeling let down by everyone including the hafiz sayeed of pak and also the ISI is failing in sending more terrorists and there have been no bomb blasts in this kafir nation. The holy land of Pak has failed in denting this Hindu fascist nationalistic government while the earlier one was helping us in our agenda of implementing shariah on this country. More power to Zakir Musa.

  • Do you fear us all? Do you watch news on television? Which channels? What do you make of their stories and discussions which more days than not are attacking you?

CAIM: Yes, we fear you patel sahib, because you are making monsters out of us and trying to protect the most radical and worst kinds of people amongst us. We have great leaders like Kalam who have been given the highest respect because of their work. Work talks and nothing like it. Many of our youngsters are trying to be like Kalam and serve our great nation. We do not believe in the fake news stories because people like you have the habit of projecting only lies as it has been apparent in many cases.

CRIM: Yes, we fear you patel sahib, because you taking money from our brothers but failing in doing your job. How come ISIS atrocities have become public and you have failed in hiding the love jihad case. The money spent on people is not giving the required returns and we fear that we have to use alternate ways to get our job done. How come the stories relating to the good radical elements are coming when they are doing their holy duty? You are failing Patel sahab and we want good quality product from your end.

  • What was it like, to know that your country was turning against you? Or has it always been this and is it that we are only just finding out?

CAIM: India protects everyone unlike the nations that have separated from us and hence do a better job. Even though we are a minority we get equal or at more opportunities than others in this country and there is no other place like India for us. The constitution gives adequate protection to every good citizen.

CRIM: Yes the country is turning against us and we are failing in doing our holy duty of raping, killing fellow citizens and establish Islamic empire in India. More kafirs are finding out our true agenda and they are turning against us and making life difficult for all of us.

  • Is it like that with you? Or have you become inured to the insults and the prejudice?

CAIM: You should have complained to the local police or did you squirm in your pants seeing the hooting of the woman. Get some courage patel and do justice to the woman whom you waved.

CRIM: How dare you wave you hand at the woman? Whether the woman belonged to our community and if yes whether she was wearing burka? Again how dare you behave wrongly with our women and your hand should be chopped. Who are the youth who failed in their holy duty of protecting the women from kafirs.

  • Do you feel protected when the Supreme Court fondles love jihad? Or when the high court belts out Vande Mataram? do you feel something stronger, because they are aimed at you? Did you squirm with discomfort because you picked up the contempt even more forcefully than the rest of us did? Or did your eyes just glaze over? 

CAIM: Vandemataram is our national song which our older generation people sang proudly and we have no issues with it. Why would any Muslim have any issues with the national anthem. Get a life patel sahib and do not forcefully put your radical bigoted thoughts into our minds.

CRIM: The courts should be bombed by some misguided youth. Lol. They are forcing to sing our national anthem which our god does not permit. We are the rulers of this land and we do not respect this land as it ours and we do not respect our women and how can we ever respect a mother who is an women.

  • What’s it like to hear casual bigotry (references to ‘mossies’, ‘terrorists’) in the office, at the parties, and to overhear such things in public places? Did you once feel like punching people in the mouth (I would have) and have you stopped feeling it now? How?

CAIM: No body has time to talk about terrorists and even if any talks about terrorists nobody mentions religion because you only taught us patel sahib that terrorists have no religion. Do you suffer from amnesia or are you hiding the truth. When most terrorists are believers of a particular kind of radical islam, they become Muslims and hence muslim terrorists and why should any muslim feel about the truth.

CRIM: Yes, people are linking terrorism and religion in spite of spending millions of dollars on people like you and funding your dubious organization. We have even invented Islamophobia and great western nations have submitted at our feet and it is only a matter of time this nation of kafirs would say that Islamic terrorism does not exist even when our brothers carry out public beheadings in the name of Allah.

  • Do you feel less Indian?  Do you feel pushed away from all of us, and your country, or just the man who said those words?

CAIM: How can any feel more Indian or less Indian and who is going to push us except for people like you who believe in conflict and civil wars. We are as much an Indian as there are Islamic terrorists in this planet. If one is true then the other one is also true.

CRIM: We are not Indian, we are only Muslims. There rascal Indians think we are all equals when the truth is that we are the rulers and have temporarily lost the power to rule to due to flawed British policies. With the grace of Allah, we shall rule these lands again and then push out these bigoted Indians out of this land as we did in Kashmir, Bengal, etc. I hope you will do a good job when we are doing our jobs like you always did.

  • What must it be like to actually be you?

CAIM: It is great to be an honest citizen of this country.

CRIM: It is great to be a radical and being a security threat to this nation and yet we are pampered by this nation. There is no place like this, our land and our kingdom.

Coming to the end of the article let me also put some honesty out. The only factual error in this article is that instead of saying that the author has put several questions, I mentioned that the author has put 4 questions. Apart from this factual error, the entire contents of this write up is as true as the original article which can be found at : http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/aakarvani/dear-muslim-have-you-learnt-to-live-with-insults-and-prejudice/.  The one other intentional mistake in this article is the use of Bekar Patel which rhymes with the original authors name and there are no regrets because this is all based on “GUESS”.


Picture Credit: Zee News


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