March 22, 2019

Dear Ravish – You are not in Danger

“…. linguistic decency has reached its lowest on social media platforms….. “

Dear Ravish bhai, the blank screen creator, and a lot of other great titles exist for you on the platform that you are trying to get away from. Introspection is not your forte and the same cannot be taught to people who donot want to see reality. The social media is the voices of a large number of people of all types just like the real world and not your gated ivory towers. Try to filter out all the noises or go to cyber cell and file a case against the abusers or else be a man and fight like a hero that you act in your studios when you question people of a particular ideology.

“….. you follow some of the people on Twitter who are using derogatory language….. “

Dear Ravish, I donot follow you because you donot tend to belong to a particular ideology and can you be accountable of all the people whom you follow. Please give in writing that the comments of all the people can be held against you and you could be punished for all those people. If you cannot do then please donot climb the imaginary moral high ground because of some allegations of some leaders who are alleged to be under investigations for molestation cases that you know. Can those molestation cases be held against you?

“…… These people are hurting your dignity. …..”

The hypocrisy of yours has been exposed in the title itself but you talking about PM’s dignity being hurt is a bit too much to take when you could not take a stand against any single issue that concerns the nation. Do you have any dignity outside of your cabal that rubs the backs of each other? Have you taken stand against the fake news peddled against leaders of a particular ideology? Dear Ravish, cleanup starts from the home and your being the preacher for others should know this. But commonsense is a rarity for people of your ilk and hence we cannot expect anything more except for some drama.

“….. many people will close their ears. The language used about women journalists is really shameful.”

Dear Ravish, we have muted our TVs because we could not hear what you say in your studios. That is a different matter because you are paid to speak such a language but when you are not paid to hear, you are squirming like a helpless little boy. You are the mighty news traders who could stand against the government decision for imposing a single day ban when your ilk have posed danger to the national security. Holy cow, now I realize that you are greater than the nation. But is it not right for the powerful ilk of your kind to go to the cyber crime agencies and report these cases instead of heaping drama from left liberal portals and try to get some more mileage. News traders are safe because you have never fought against the real murderers and these murderers are not from the Right Wing.

“…. who are threatening a journalist like me ……”

Dear Ravish bhai, it is a bit rich that you are considering yourself a journalist and nobody keeps claiming their profession all the time. There are no holy cow jobs and only one job that deserves respect is the soldier and if you have questioned the right people at the right time and done your job honestly you would not have come out like this peddling more lies. Dear Ravish, donot look into the mirror, cause the guy in the mirror cannot bear what you have become.

“….. you want to eradicate communalism from India by 2022…..”

Again Ravish, eradicating communalism is the job of all and most importantly is your primary job of not attaching religion to everything. But how can a alleged journalist like you give up your bread and butter of adding caste of religion to portray that only one kind of people are intolerant while there are only angels on the other side. You have such a mentality because Ravish you and your ilk are much bigger intolerant humans than all every other kind of professionals. The Supreme Court has recently told that if you cannot tolerate a write-up then donot read and mere words donot mean any real threat to anyone. But it is known fact that a few journalists have little respect for our courts.

“….  When I asked him to not use such abusive language he replied that he is sad that I am alive.”

Dear Ravish, you think that you are god send to this nation and I pray to my communal gods that they give every good thing in this life and the future lives and you have a very long and healthy life. But can I expect that you expect the same for everyone else. I doubt because of your liberal hypocrisy. Now the important thing that a particular guy was sad that you are alive and you are alive writing a article telling the world. If wishes of everyone would become true, the world would be a disaster. So donot compared he wishes of ordinary people of social media who are just venting their anger to the bigots at some media who write letters to the bosses to ensure job loss and other cheap tricks. Such cheap tricks are mostly coming from a particular lies. If you were as honest as you think you are you should have roasted the governments responsible for law and order when your ilk have been murdered in broad light but your agenda is always different.

“Many admins are named RSS, RSS-2 ……”

Dear Ravish, your name implies delightful but you donot value the meaning of your name by writing a pathetic article addressing the PM, but I respect your FOE and so should you. Names of administrators cannot be proof of anything as is evident from the meaning of your name. Whatsapp doesnot real much information to the police but needs help from people and hence quickly go to the police and they shall help a powerful person such as you. Run Ravish run to the police instead of writing the articles. Your friends who run to the law to ban every festivity of a particular kind could also go to the courts to get the culprits arrested which would send out a stronger message. By not going to the law, it makes one believe that you are the administrators of a few groups to claim victimhood.

“….. Is my life in danger? ….”

Dear Ravish, you and I are nobodies in the larger scheme of things and our lives are not danger as we both are honest tax paying citizens. We both are as safe as every other citizen of this country. By virtue of being a journalist if your claim danger then there should be something concrete that puts your life in danger and not mere threats on social media. I wish and pray that nobody hurts in any way because you are too much fun and why would anyone want to hurt because there is nothing hidden about you. All Indians are also very sure that you have no dealings with naxalites, Islamic terrorists, Christian fundamentalists and also no problems of some illicict real estate. Ravish live happily.

“…… I would be fired from my job now …..”

Lord Krishna says that nothing is permanent and how can you Ravish hope that your job would be permanent. There is a repot from sources that your channel is on sale and with low viewership there might be changes from the new management to improve the performance and in that case nobody can guarantee your job. If you are really good then why worry about job loss because the world is a large place and there is a job for everyone. Also Ravish, Modi did not like many and still all those people are still in their jobs and why would Modi would worry about a insignificant news editor such as you? Do you think that you are the most powerful news anchor in the nation??

“…..  is there no place for me in this democracy?….. “

Dear Ravish, there is a place for even terrorists in our nation and your ilk seem to forcing the government to give place for more terrorists. Bharat has place for information terrorists like you and many more like you and donot worry Ravish, that you will have the place of your choosing but a place according to your skills. If your good you get what you want or else donot complain about your fate because Modi is also too small person to sit and decide on your fate. Karma will always does the balancing act and not Modi.

“…….I have achieved many things in these 27 years …..”

Dear Ravish, a man of your achievement would not worry about a job that has made you stand against the government and force the government to amend its decision. Even the supporters of the PM couldnot achieve such a feat and now you are blaming the PM because of the events beyond PM’s control. Just like Ravish what happens in your channel is beyond your control, the events happening in this country is not the responsibility of PM. There are several others who could be responsible and nobody would want to hurt in any way because you have done many good things in the past, present.

“.. I don’t speak truth to threaten others. …..”

Dear Ravish, this is the best joke of your article and for a moment I thought that you were serious guy. Thanks for clearing all the doubts. Happy working life Ravish and  karma shall never fail.  Ravish there is something called law of the land and it is time to follow and do the needful individually instead of going to the PM for everything. If you feel threatened by any Whatsapp group then kindly do the needful and you have too many contacts who are more powerful than the governments of the day as you have proved several times in the past.

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