April 19, 2019

Death in Queue Vs Death ‘cos of Hopeless Six Decade – Let us Evaluate

Development or Destruction?

Kejriwal bhaai, some other politicians and their supporters are concerned over the number of death of the citizens standing in queue. He lost his cool while speaking to a journalist from BBC Hindi.

Kya andaaz hai…

People may have died but how many for standing in queue is a big question mark. The way OROP related suicide happened I am saddened. I feel sad for the person who died and their family.

Why PM had to do all this?

Just count the number of scams starting from Jeep Scam. Count the rupee value. This is phenomenal. Let us check the facts and check few ministries to understand the dirt and pending work that this government is doing on war footing basis.


The way current Railway Minister is performing is amazing. If congress had really worked well in last six decades, then today Mr. Suresh Prabhu would have enjoyed the benefits along with us instead of running around and making up for the past so many years.

  • If anyone has visited Mumbai and traveled in local trains in peak hours then they need to ask themselves, standing in queue today is better or continue to travel in overcrowded trains.
  • A CAG report gives some shocking data. Between Jan 2010 and Dec 2014 there were total 33,445 deaths. Out of that 17,638 were in Mumbai local trains only.

Why didn’t congress government invest in better infrastructure and make Mumbai a comfortable city with regards to safety in travelling.

Home Ministry and Ministry of Defense

  • Over 12,ooo people, police and para military have lost life to Naxalites.
  • Lakhs of people have died in floods and millions have been displaced over the years.  Source
  • 3000 children die everyday from poor diet related illness.
  • According to India’s 2011 Census there are 449,761 houseless households/families.
  • Between 1994 and 2016 Civilians    24, 669 Security Force Personnel 9720 Terrorists 30476 killed.

River interlinking was never on congress agenda. Eliminating naxal and fighting terrorism ….. what should I say we all know how they fought.

Roads and Highways (Transport )

400 road accidents deaths per day Pan India. This makes one loss of life every 3.6 minutes. What did congress do in six decades for infrastructure?

The list is endless and this is just a sample to showcase a fact that people have been dying all these years none of the political parties that are making noise now and none of their followers ever had concern.

All such people at max. go out for Candle March in their cities. Mumbaikars have a compulsion of going to their job everyday. And arm chair activist proudly call it Spirit of the City. Damn that Spirit. Others who have been crossing the Citi Bank branch have by hearted their tag line and started saying  City Never Sleeps.

We need money to ease inflation, we need money to reduce taxes, we need money to make housing and personal loans more affordable, we need money to improve our quality of life. We need money……………

Where will this money come from?

Complex problems like Black Money need stiff solutions and implementation.

The fear can be seen in the eyes of Mayawati, Kejriwal, Yadavs, leftists.

Which side are we on? 

Development or Destruction ……..

Law abiding citizens will stand by MODI or anyone who supports better quality of life for citizens. Not with the corrupt who start as head masters and become billionaire in a matter of few years.

Let the fear continue. Nothing happens without fear psychosis and punitive action.

We don’t want to become Venezuela. Country where people are compelled to stand in queue for buying basic needs. We are in queue temporarily and for a better tomorrow.


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