May 21, 2019

DECENCY – Just Digging a Little with One Liners

MMSWhy did congress MP in Rajya Sabha walk out? What did the PM say that congress had to feel humiliated? What has Congress done to maintain dignity?

Where do I start? List is long and never ending.

Let us start from forced Chacha on us. After loosing to China he had the audacity to say “In those barren land and mountains of Ladakh and Arunachal, not even a blade of grass grows, why Parliament is wasting time”.

Why was no post-mortem conducted after Shastriji died mysteriously?

It seems Emergencywas forced on the citizens as a good will gesture as it would give Roti Kapda Makaan overnight. None happened but Indiraji used to say “Is main videshi taakaton kaa haath hai” as ready made reply to most issues. True and that Videshi Haath is very much controlling the congress party.

PV Naarsimha Rao body was not allowed inside AICC building………

After broad day light massacre ofinnocent Sikhs whose homes were marked with coal , Rajiv said When Big Tree Falls….

As if that was not enough a Senior Citizen (Sita Ram Kasturi) was locked in toilet to facilitate Democracy.

Poison is power and in a process to save Indians and MMS a unique formula was created, National Advisory Council. Cash for Vote was another moment in Congress list. And Mr Moral Compass carries himself as if he second to Raja Harishchandra.

While Mumbai was under attack Rahul Baba was angry and doing TANDAV to take revenge from Pakistan.

HEIGHT of DECENCY was that even relief material for victims of Uttrakhand Flood material was flagged off by Dynasty with their photo on packets. Worst was yet to come. The truck carrying relief material ran short of diesel….

The story of DECENCY doesn’t end here. Raj Babbar who was head of one committee on Defence left the meeting haf way to catch flight.

Kalawati whose home visit and name was used in Parliament was forgotten once the job was done. Nitin Gadkari did the needful for her and never made PR campaign out of it.

Oh how can I forget the famous 35 lac toilet. ….

Then the TANCH MAAL congressi….

Manmohan Singh should not forget that he remained a stamp PM and nation is aware of it. Don’t teach and question DECENCY to MODI, look within. MODI is an assertive person, respect him.

Picture Credit: Screen shot from Twitter


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