May 19, 2019

Democracy and BlackCoats

In our great country Black Coats have become an obstacle in the functioning of Democracy. Democracy means the rule of the majority while protecting the rights of the minority which are in line with the rules of the society and the time. But mysteriously a host of political jokers and Black Coats have made it a rule that Indian Democracy means the rule for the sake minorities and to stop the imaginary tyranny of majority. The only tyrants in the Indian Democracy are the Black Coats themselves and it is a pity that they not able to realize the truth. The tyranny of minority is ruling the roost and every single aspect of the government is becoming minority compliant. Is there an escape for the majority to get the Democracy to function to meet their needs?

To answer this laughable question, it is important to understand the reason why our society has become defunct in problem solving? Why have the people lost faith in the collective wisdom and have surrendered their interests with aliens? The bringing in the Black Coats to solve the petty issues among the members of the society has led to the current situation. Probably people thought that the Black Coats would be ambivalent and that they could escape from the tyrant governments. With a false hope the society has walked into the hell of the most dangerous sweet talking tyrants of Democracy. The various Political Jokers have also added to the trouble by showing off their powers and not coming to the talking table.

Today the situation is such that people of neighboring states want to go to the courts for their petty issues because each state leader want to maximize benefits without a consideration for the others. With no holistic planning and long term vision, the intervention of the Black Coats is being sought. This is only an example. The Black Coats have become the monkey of the Panchatantra Tales. The monkey from the tales was supposed to divide some food item between two cats and ends up eating the whole while the cats are left with “GHANTA”. The Black Coats have virtually left the majority community with proverbial “Babaji ka …@#@#@”.

Can the governments push back the Black Coats and make them realize their limits? The answer is no because the majority community cannot make their government in power to fulfill their demands without destroying the rotten structure of the Judiciary. The Black Coats cannot be made to work with some common sense in the existing scenario. The only way is to uproot the entire rotten core of Judiciary through multiple impeachments and rebuild the judiciary back afresh. The danger is that the next government can undo this and there is no guarantee that the next governments might have an honest PM like Modi. The problem with Black Coats is their arbitrariness and their myriad interpretations of the constitution based on their wishes without following any procedure.

The only way forward is to keep striking at the roots of the Judiciary which is the FCRA funds. The foreign funds that are flowing into the country are going towards reforming our society in the image of alien cultures via Judicial intervention. This needs to be attacked and only then the entire structure will come crashing down. The question needs to be answered by the Man in the Center and his blatant inaction cannot be taken for granted. Modi is doing his work because the Black Coats have not allowed another PIL to be filed to open the some cases and make his claim to the PMship valid. The Black Coats can operate at great speeds when their survival is at risk. The best example is the striking off the law passed by the parliament – NJAC.

Modi can only do something but he needs to be there because the Black Coats can go to any extent to serve the agenda of FCRA or other funds. There is no other reason why the Black Coats behave as they are doing because their work output matches with the demands of the foreign funds. There is no Hindu unity nor is there a chance of Hindu revival because the average majority community person is busy with his own life with little support from the state to uphold his culture. It is here the CORE agenda comes to the rescue of the majority community from the tyranny of the Democracy and the Black Coats who now believe to be lords of Democracy and their bastard is the Secularism. But Core is Poison to a few and for Others it is the only way forward. In the fight between the Black Coats and the Citizens, the Core agenda is what can bring a balance in Democracy.

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