May 24, 2019

Democratic Bully

With the latest interference in the Hindu practices, the Supreme Court has made its intentions clear to the Indians. Bring a cause to reform the Hindus and we would do our best without any fear and bias. This bizzare attitude of the Supreme Court Judges continues and there is nothing that the Constitution abiding government could do because the Courts have usurped the powers of the Constitution for themselves. During the times of the most corrupt Congress rule, we had something called Policy Paralysis and now in the times honest Modi rule we have the Judicial Paralysis. The paralysis is in no way related to the stoppage of works of the supreme courts but the inability of the courts to move on the matters that concerns the nation. Instead the courts are spending too much of our money on matters related to private issues and matters of least priority.

In the modern times of climate change, global warming our Supreme Court is only playing to the gallery to gain some applause from dubious money bags. In the age of gender rights and #metoo campaigns the Supreme Court is playing to the women’s gallery in the hope of what cannot be guessed. In the age of rapid expansion of civilization erasing ideologies, our Supreme Courts has been giving a patient hearing to the ideologues of these ideologies in the hope of tickets to heaven. The Supreme Courts has come to point that it believes in complete submission of all the arms of the constitution and seem to have decided to play God. The Supreme Court has no limitation to the powers and it can gain more powers by mere reading the Constitution in innovative ways. The constituent assembly debates and the spirit of the Constitution long been killed with the imposition of Emergency and what is left  the Supreme Court is only feasting like the vulture.

The Supreme Courts allows only certain issues to be heard on a priority basis. It allows only cases related to particular people based on its whims and fancies. The supreme courts do not want to be accountable to the democratic governments but want to be the Big-Bully on the democracy. The supreme courts do not follow any processes or rules that are understood by the common people. The power of the courts lies in the fact that it can reject any plea of hearing without giving much justification. The Supreme Courts has now become the spanner in the wheels of the Democracy and has virtually jammed the most crucial judicial process. The Supreme Courts are also experts in clear the log jam when it feels like it needs to work only to further a particular kind of agenda. The government has no power to break the judicial log jam because it has been ceding powers to the Courts from a long time as a quid pro quo.

The courts would not decide on the various corruption cases, and the politicians would cede more powers to the courts without any questions. The courts helped the politicians in breaking and modifying the constitution to such an extent that it has become the most discriminating piece of literature that rivals some books which preach killing of non-believers. The log jam can be broken only by breaking the Democracy and there is no other way. If the public comes to know the duplicity of the Supreme Court, then there can be large scale protests and the Supreme Courts would warn the State and Central governments for failing to maintain the law and order. The Supreme Courts can ask some dubious cases be opened against the noisy policiticians and then silence them forever through the numerous NGOs supported by alien money bags. No sane politician can go against the Supreme Court in the current circumstances and the Supreme Court does not seem to be in any mood to give any of the space it occupies.

Which sane person in the world would give away the powers? Even the minnow like Pak would not give up the land which it has been illegally occupying. Why would the Indians expect the Supreme Court would go back to its primary duty of deciding on the constitutional matters when the courts find more glory in its modern avatar. Statesmantis disease affects most of the Indian politicians and they know too well the arbitrariness of the ways of the courts. The courts protect the obedient and punish those who cross its line. The Supreme Court has become the ultimate Bully in the democracy and there seems no one willing to take the bull by the horns. The Supreme Bully Court knows the all the arms of the constitution are corroding the basic structures of the Constitution and it wants to preside over it and help the agenda of a few alien money bags. Otherwise there is no sanity in why the Supreme Courts hear the issues that are brought to it by the PILs. Instead of the various agents working with the local people and bringing a reform, these agents find it easy to work with the mushy Supreme Courts. It is surprising that the Democratic Bully which is the Supreme Court even has a soft corner for PILs of a particular kind. Every Bully craves for love and attention and the PILs are the weakness of the Democratic Bully.

Picture Credit: Screenshot from Twitter and @Ish_Bhandari 



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