January 22, 2019

Demonetisation: Biggest Reward after 50 Days

All law abiding citizens have done whatever they are supposed to do to support the government initiative. There are contradicting news on whether there would be sufficient cash in ATMs or not post December 31, 2016.

More or less the citizens are accepting the reality and moving on despite hardships. The bigger challenge for the government is what if it fails.

Citizens who have stood in lines of ATMs, exchange cash, living with a maximum withdrawl cap on a day and week are observing the situation very keenly. Every time there is a news of some raid and someone arrested brings cheer. But the biggest relief and cheer would come only when high and mighty are raided and arrested. Unless that happens the job is half done.



Each locality has a super rich person (most of them with political background). Locals know them and they await action. None will dare to open up because of the muscle power these people have. Unless the government unearth Black Money from them, it would not bring cheer.

The real reward to all hardships is visible action against high and mighty. Arrest of people in possession of 2 or three crores is like Chota Recharge, citizens want to see real big fish, that would be REWARD.

Picture Credit: Screenshots from Twitter and WhatsApp. Thanks to all tweeples.

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