May 19, 2019

Demonetisation Ki Goonj, IT Raids and Tangible Success

What started as a routine campaign in 2014 for NaMo was taken very lightly by opposition, news traders, arm chair activists and many across the globe even. All kept on making fun of him, writing stupid headlines on front page, creating midleading news, twisting statements of his cabinet ministers and CMs is all they could do.

Two and half year in office and not a single scam is a proof of NaMo’s capabilities.

There have been pidly success story of NaMo’s 15 lacs suit, though that was not true but such kind of fabricated works are only achievments of the Anti Modi brigade. It looks like he also played in good humor and allowed a Night Watchman to hit few random six and four.

No one can say, not even his Bhakts whether Demonetisation is one of the biggest trump card he has played for the current term. There might be something big before the term ends. It is very much possible.

The evening when he announced Demonetisation looks like the biggest Trump Card he has played.

Overnight we could seasoned economists like Rahul Gandhi, Mamta Didi and many in MSM. The impact is visible even today. Long queue outside ATMs that was discussed non stop as a proof of failed execution, turns out to be a nexus between corrupt Bankers and Black Money hoarders.

Let us see the journey thus far captured till yesterday evening.




Government was quick to educate the citizens in all possible way. All touch points of communication were used.


Some habitual hater forget past is captured and there is no Mukti from it.


Fence sitter Rahul Kanwal tried his luck.


Opposition did not spare NaMo mother also who went to the Bank.


While the physically challenged and majority of citizens could understand the benefit of Demonetisation despite hardship, news traders and opposition continue to sing a different tune.



IMG-20161114-WA0052 (1)

While the corrupt kept on inventing ways to convert black to white, government continued to come execute preventive measures.


All throughout Anti Modi brigade was hopeful of seeing a failed Modi.




While media is still hell bent on proving a point. Citizens had this to share.

IMG_20161111_093500 IMG_20161120_181237

In the midst of all this BJP had some real good news.


Time is running out and no jugaad, might as well declare some loose change.


Excellent observation made by Shri. Kanchan Da and now we see the reality.


Very next day we read this.



Mihir Sharma has enough of time to see a failed PM but no time to give solutions. Same for the the ones who RT and are in same category. Bhaai sahab the nation is one. It is the same branch of the tree we are sitting on. 






Article to be updated on December 31, 2016. Until then genuine tax payers can enjoy the IT raids.

Picture Credit:  Postcard, Thanks to Tweeples for the tweets and other social media friends for pics.

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