May 21, 2019

Demonetization, Rumor Industry and New Disease CMF

Be Proactive and don't fall victim to CMF Disease

From the day Shri Modi announced Demonetization WhatsApp groups and social media is busy with innovative content.

It started with content that was backed by humor and after two days the nature of the content changed. Second burst of content was informative on how much money can be exchanged etc. The third round of content is bad for the nation and in particular government. Dozens of misleading information have emerged. Who creates no one knows but with the kind of misleading information is there it is pointing to only one group of politicians who are opposing the present government.

Many may know this content. But for the benefit of the ones who might receive this content anytime on their WhatsApp group from ever excited friend and relative, I am sharing it for record.

The 2000 note is bleeding. One video is in circulation that shows how the color is coming out of the note. This is misleading video.

Salt selling at INR 400 / kg,

Romor of strike by transporters.

The list is endless.

We keep blaming the media, high time we need to look within now. There is a disease that needs immediate attention. Spending too much of time on Social Media and WhasApp has given birth to a new disease called. CMF (Compulsive Message Forward). Using CMF ordinary citizens are competing with main stream media Breaking News.

Right from wishing good morning to good night. Then customized message for each God. All this was anyway happening. At times I get a feeling I have become atheist compared to some of the friends dedication to so many religious messages.

From the day demonetization was announced, life has become hell. No one wants to search google and then forward the message.

Control control. Friends please control. There is life beyond CMF (Compulsive Message Forward). Let us use our precious time to google search each message we receive, if it is worth forwarding. If at all it is rumor. Then instead of CMF just put the gist and give a pre alert to friends and don’t forget to intimate Police and concerned government officers.

This is the second time in my life that I am scared of my own friends. Last I remember when some friends who became AmWay distributors used to call for a business meeting without telling me what was the agenda. I started ignoring even genuine meeting requests.

Now same thing is happening. There are genuine message beeps but I ignore for fear of some CMF.

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